LIBERIA: Fallen Wife Of Eminent Liberian Memorialized

{By Abraham S. Sollie/GNN Judicial & Legislative Reporter}

The late Madam Latifa Gwei while she was alive.
The late Madam Latifa Gwei while she was alive.

The wife of an eminent Liberian citizen who hails from River Gee County was at the weekend Memorialized by a cross section of family members, friends, sympathizers and several officials of the Liberian Government.

The eminent Liberian, Mr. James Jeh, is professor at the Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Center in London Great Britain lost his wife, Madam Latifa Gwei, sometimes in April of this year.

Madam Gwei died in her late forties following a brief illness; both are blessed with one son.

Several speeches were made during the memorial sitting of the late Madam Latifa Gwei at which time she was remembered for the love, care and devoted services showed to everyone during her life time.

The memorial sitting was held at the residence of River Gee County Senator, Matthew Jeh in Zayzay Town, Du Port Road, outside Monrovia.

The memorial sitting was occasioned by the reading of both the Holy Bible and Quran and the offering of prayers for late deceased and the family.

In his words of exhortation, the pastor of the St. Simon Baptist Church, Rev. Richard D. Johnson, called on the family to take solace in the Lord, because according to Rev. Johnson, he said no one questions to ask God on why someone should die.

Rev. Johnson further pleaded with the Jeh family  to use the occasion to come  closer than ever, and treat one another with love and care because he said, as human, the way we treat others matters.

He added that though the late wife of Mr. Jeh left a vacuum in the family, but called on the family to look up to Jesus’  greatest  teachings of triumph.

He among other things added that people memorialized their loved ones so as to remember their past lives, reflect on the relationship and to remember the family’s history.

Pastor Tawel M. Bah of the Chaplaincy of the Liberian Senate offered prayers to God on behalf of the family.

Also speaking, Liberia’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Saah N’tow, recounted the numerous assistance been given by Mr. Jeh and his late wife further referring to him (Mr. Jeh) as his mentor.

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