Liberia Police Chief Begs For At Least US$25M To Make His Men Effective

By Abraham S. Sollie/GNN Reporter 

Col. Chris Massaquoi. Liberia National Police Chief
Col. Chris Massaquoi. Liberia National Police Chief

The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. C. Clarence Massaquoi, has disclosed that at least US$25M is needed to make the police more effective and efficient and more professional.

He noted that the current budgetary allocation for the police is insufficient to enhance all the workings of the police, and further complained that the over US$15M budgeted for the police for its entire workforce and other logistics, and subtracting  US$14.5M,  nothing much is left for police operations.

The Liberian Police boss made these remarks at the weekend during the climax of a three-day police internal assessment retreat which was held at the National Police Training Academy (NPTA), in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The objective of the retreat is for the LNP to undertake an internal evaluation process to determine its strengths and weaknesses and to disaggregate those priorities that have been achieved and those that are yet to be achieved for the police force’s institutional and capacity development.

Findings of the retreat according to the secretariat are expected to be used to align the LNP’s vision, mission and priorities in line current realities.

The LNP said that the vision of its  2016  retreat is to build on its tradition of service and become a showcase law enforcement agency in West Africa and that the retreat’s mission is to serve, protect and enforce all laws and ordinance, while  at the same time, preserving the rights and dignity of all.

The police boss indicated about US$45M is needed to actually run the police with efficiency, but said at the moment the police is urgently in need of at least US$25M for its work.

“We actually need over US$45M but because of the prevailing constrains being faced with the central government which we are taking into consideration, we can manage with at least US$25M which though may be somehow small but I think we can start from,” he furthered.

At the end of the retreat, the participants presented findings from what they observed during the assessments as basic impediments to the workings of the police and recommendations on how to curb the problems observed.

In response Col. Massaquoi accepted the recommendations presented to him by the participants at the retreat and promised to have same submitted to his bosses for onward submission to central government.

He told the retreat participants that though he accepted the recommendations, but said that the implementation aspect is left with central government.

Col. Massaquoi lauded the international partners who have been working for the improvement of the Liberian police force further asking them to take the LNP request of the police’s budgetary constrains to the United Nations, United States Government, the Nigerian Government and other international organizations.

The Police among other things said the Liberian police force still needs more education, international trainings and further stressed the need for smooth collaboration among the police and other government institutions with which the police works.

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