Liberian Police Chief Complains Of Lack Of Support, Says Budgeted US$15m Is Inadequate

{By Abraham S. Sollie/GNN Judicial Reporter } 

Liberia National Police Boss, Col. C. Clarence Massaquoi
Liberia National Police Boss, Col. C. Clarence Massaquoi

The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. C. Clarence Massaquoi, has complained about the limited support given to the police by the Liberian Government.

 The Liberian Police boss further noted that the budgeted US$15 million annually allotment to the police as a national police force by the central government is indeed inadequate to professional handle the affairs of the police.

Speaking on Thursday, August 4, 2016, during the opening session of a 3-day police internal retreat at the National Police Training Academy (NPTA) in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, further said the police need adequate support in order for that important paramount security institution to   effectively and efficiently meet up with the statuary mandate of the LNP.

The objective of the retreat is for the LNP to undertake an internal evaluation process to determine its strengths and weaknesses and to disaggregate those priorities that have been achieved, and those that are yet to be achieved for the police force’s institutional and capacity development.

Findings of the retreat according to the secretariat, are expected to be used to align the LNP’s vision, mission and priorities in line current realities.

The LNP said that the vision of its  2016  retreat is to build on its tradition of service and become a showcase law enforcement agency in West Africa and that the retreat’s mission is to serve, protect and enforce all laws and ordinance, while  at the same time, preserving the rights and dignity of all.

Explaining more of the budgeted US$15M allotted to the police and its usage, the Liberian police boss said out of this amount when US$14.5M is subtracted for salary, there will be nothing much left for police operational efficiency.

 Col. Massaquoi also stated that he is not happy about the currently status of his men adding that the LNP have a severe logistical deficit.

“You cannot just take a group of people and sent them in the streets with theories or pens in their pockets. That cannot work. They need the tools to work with. I am happy that our international partners are here today because I want them to hear the problems of the police. You need to discuss things affecting the police.   This retreat is not to justify the expenses of the police because the year is about to end. This retreat is intended to discuss and identify the gaps and the severe deficit in the police support and the underlying realities,” said Col. Massaquoi.

He noted that the police of a country is not a child’s play a multi-Million dollars institutional business.

He indicated that a country may have a police director with 10 doctorate degrees but said, that cannot make the force effective if the officers are not logistically capacitated adding: “That is the reality.”

The Police chief called on participants at the retreat not to just sit, discuss and read the different theories but urged them to focus on the realities of building the institutional capacity of the police and the priority set to be achieved at the retreat.

Col. Massaquoi told the LNP UN partners at the retreat that the police have a severe deficit problem that needs to be addressed further admonishing the participants to discuss the way forward in solving those problems.

Col. Massaquoi encouraged the participants to discuss on how to the police can effectively and efficiently work to protect the lives and properties of Liberians.

He attributed that the lack of logistical capacity as a major contributing factor behind slowness in the response of the police and that no should hold the leadership of the police responsible.

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