LIBERIA: Senator Saytumah’s Office Clarifies Media Reports

By: Eldred Thomas/GNN Senior Reporter

Bomi County Senator, Morris Saytumah
Bomi County Senator, Morris Saytumah

The Chief of Officer Staff of Bomi County Senator, Morris Saytumah has clarified recent media reports regarding a meeting which was held recently in Gayah Hill, Zepeh Clan, Senjeh district by members of the County Legislative Caucus including some local officials which result was misconstrued by some members of the mediathe of the count specifically in y.

In an exclusive interview with the GNN at his Capitol Building office, Mr. Roosevelt Tulay said the meeting in question was intended to create an avenue in informing the citizens of the Senjeh District about the importance in the preservation of their lands for future generations.

He frowned on citizens who he said misconstrued the purpose of the meeting and statements made by Senator Morris Saytumah, which he noted the citizens termed as a forum used to gather them in order to prevent Monsterrado County Representative Edwin Snowe who has been petitioned by the citizens of the district to contest for their district during the pending 2017 elections.

Senjeh district is currently occupied by Representative Samuel Gayah Karmo.

He said contrary to diverse thoughts and views, the meeting was centered around the forward march of Bomi County and not to cause confusion in the County or threaten citizens and residents as been portrayed, misconstrued and been rumored in some quarters, and further said the meeting held was opened to everyone.

 “We want to admonished chiefs, elders and traditional leaders, religious leaders, women groups, members of the intellectual community, youths, marketers, farmers all citizens of Bomi County to remain unity for the development of the County, “ Mr. Tulay warned

He also advised all citizens of the County against situations that will bring about division amongst the people of the County, but rather thread the line of peace where everyone can be loved and live in harmony and do away with those things that will bring about disunity.

Making reference of statement that was made by Senator Morris G. Saytumah during meeting where he said “Big Car” will make accident was in a complete difference context, and not as it is now being perceived by detractors, noting that it should not be misconstrued literally as attacking the people of Senjeh.

Tulay said his in the statement used the truck scenario meaning if the people of Senjeh cannot unite with one common objective, by preserving their land space and heritage, if few persons stand in the way to hinder the process, they would certainly be over-powered by the united citizens, Mr. Tulay observed”.

He furthered noted that the Senator was not referring to a visible truck that will come to destroy his own people, while categorically dismissing the notion that they are against development or investment in Bomi County in general and Senjeh District in particular.

But was however noted He noted the office of Senator Saytumah and the people Bomi will not allow anyone to use his or her investment in the County to incite citizens against their leaders in an attempt to gain political relevance.

Mr. Tulay intimated there are several Liberians from Bomi and other counties who have invested their resources in Bomi County mainly for business purposes and each of those persons is obliged to the County to meet some form of social corporate responsibilities.

He concluded by urging citizens of Bomi to remain focus and continues to work with their elected and appointed leaders for development of Bomi County, noting no district will be excluded.

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