Mass Defections Expected as Donald Trump’s Campaign Implodes, Campaign staffs are reportedly “suicidal” as Republicans turn on their own nominee

Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate
Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate

Amid calls from Donald Trump’s allies and advisors to apologize and move on from his self-destructive spat with the parents of a Muslim soldier who was killed in Iraq, people close to the presidential nominee’s campaign are beginning to question whether anyone but Trump is in charge, and Republicans are looking for the exits.

After a week in which Trump insulted everyone from grieving military families to crying babies and suggested that the November election is “going to be rigged,” even the candidate’s own team is reportedly at their wit’s end. Paul Manafort, is “not challenging him anymore” and “mailing it in,” a longtime ally of Trump’s campaign chairman told CNBC’s John Harwood. The campaign staff, this person said, is “suicidal.”

The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman and S.V. Date report that Manafort is beyond “frustrated,” according to his close friends, as he struggles to manage Trump’s childlike behavior and inability to accept criticism. “The problem is that Trump watches TV every minute that he isn’t actually on his phone, either talking or tweeting,” one advisor said. “And then he gets angry at what he sees on TV and reacts.” (Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller denied Harwood’s account, telling him, “The idea that Paul Manafort’s mailing it in is completely erroneous.”) READ MORE OF THIS REPORT

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