Meet the Sarah Silverman Democrats

By Michael Grunwald/The Politico Magazine

Florkime Paye is one of those millennial voters who fell hard for Bernie Sanders. She was inspired by his rumpled realness, his sixties activism, his call for a revolution to empower the 99 percent of Americans who don’t have SuperPACs.

As a black woman, a Liberian-American in Minneapolis, she was delighted to hear a candidate give voice to such unapologetically liberal political and racial values. By contrast, Hillary Clinton struck Paye as a conventional poll-tested pol, a calculating cog in the big-money system that Sanders threatened at its core.

So now Sanders wants her to vote for Clinton? The leader of the revolution says she should support a Wall Street-backed creature of Washington, just because Clinton happens to be a Democrat who happens to be facing Donald Trump?

Culled from the Politico Magazine online

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