Weeks After CDC’s Mulbah Morlu slandered Prime FM Manager, He Finally Bows To Pressure, Apologies To Mamadee Diakiti

(L/R) Mamadee Diakite and CDC's Mulbah Morlu
(L/R) Mamadee Diakite and CDC’s Mulbah Morlu

Apologizing for his slanderous attack on the Prime FM Manager, Mamadee Diakite posted on his Face Book page today, Mr. Mulbah Morlu of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) publicly apologized.

Noting on the social media network (FB), Mr. “I have reached out to a friend, Mr. Mamadee Diakite and offered profound apologies for attacks against him & his family, especially his wife & kids; they’re innocent & shouldn’t be included in political debates. The inconvenience was unintended and sincerely regrettable,” Mr. Morlu said.

Stressing further, Mr. Morlu extended a happy Independence Day anniversary to Mr. Diakite and his family, concluding, Morlu said on his FB, “Yet, we will do anything (legally possible) to stop Ellen-to-Joe undemocratic continuity; and I mean, anything”, the CDC official noted.

At one of his news conferences, the CDC officials accused the PRIME FM Manager of being a rebel commander who helped to destroyed the country, and also said Mr. Diakite is a carrier of HIV Aids, these allegations did not go down well for several Liberians who called on Mr. Diakite to institute a legal suit against him for his slanderous public statements.

On his FB post, several Liberians commented and called on him to go beyond, like this individual:

J William Nyanti – “We will not dignify these shameless apologies from him”, another poster,  Sheikh Al Moustapha Kouyateh  in his comment said “Thank you Mulbah Morlu Jr for your apologetic and reconciliatory post. I hope that you will also retrieve the wasted water as pure as it was. Can you please indicate in your post that your assassination of character and demeaning posts were falsified as to quench your thirst of fachê? Injury is truly forgiven but unforgettable! The supremacy of our interests must bow to the nutrition of our patrimony, Liberia”.

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