Ted Cruz refuses to join the Trump Train; Trump gets backlash on NATO defence comments

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

{ BNN Online/OHIO, U.S. – Day three of the Republican National Convention took a shocking turn as Senator Ted Cruz refused point-blank to endorse the Party’s presidential nominee, and overshadowed Trump’s running mate Mike Pence’s address.

According to reports, Trump knew of the absence of an endorsement in Cruz’s speech, given that the former knew of the contents prior to delivery, but was booed lustily by the delegates anyway, erasing the effects of the minute-long standing ovation he received while entering.

The closest Cruz came to endorsing Trump was when he said that “I want to see the principles that our party believes in prevail in November,” despite the loud chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” serving as a reminder of what he was expected to do.

Eugene Delgaudio, a delegate from Sterling, Virginia called Cruz a “chicken,” saying that, “He needed to toughen up like every other Republican loser of any nomination battle in the last 100 years since Abraham Lincoln and just suck it up, be a man and back the nominee that he was beaten by, fair and square.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie agreed in sentiment, saying that the Texas Senator’s speech was “totally selfish.”

However, on Thursday morning, Cruz backed his address from the night before, saying that his non-endorsement was a matter of principle.

He said, “Like many voters, I am watching, I’m listening, and the standard I intend to apply is: Which candidate will be faithful to the Constitution. I can tell you I will not vote for Hillary Clinton.”

He explained that endorsing Trump would have made him seem like a “servile puppy dog,” although many Trump supporters are now likening him to a “disloyal snake.”

He continued, “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father – right and wrong matter. We have not abandoned who we are in this country.”

Trump had mocked Cruz’s wife Heidi’s looks during the primary campaign and accused his father of being involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Although Cruz’s address shocked delegates, Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence valiantly tried to steer the conversation back to Trump and the reasons to vote for him.

Calling Trump “the genuine article,” Pence said that Trump was “distinctly American.”

He added, “Where else would an independent spirit like him find a following but the land of the free and the home of the brave? Until now, he has had to do it all by himself, against all odds.”

He also said that the Benghazi attacks “disqualified” Democrat Hillary Clinton from the race and “We have but one choice, and that man is ready. This team is ready.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump hinted at a new world order if he becomes president, adding that the U.S. would not defend some NATO members in case Russia attacks.

He said that protecting Baltic countries would depend on if they have “fulfilled their obligations to us.”

NATO Secretary General‎ Jens Stoltenberg responded that European security is tied to the safety of the U.S.

He said, “Solidarity among allies is a key value for NATO. This is good for European security and good for U.S. security. We defend one another.”

Article 5 of the NATO treaty states that the 28 members agree to come to the aid of any member in case of attack.


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