Liberia celebrates 169 Years: 15 Facts to Know – By Paul Zondo

zonoAs we celebrate 169 years of existence as a nation, it is vital to remind ourselves and inform friends, investors and tourists about things that make Liberia unique. Enjoy reading these free 15 stimulating facts.

  1. Liberia became a sovereign nation on July 26, 1847. She celebrates 169th birthday this Month.
  2. She is the first republic on the continent of Africa. The oldest country in Africa is Ethiopia.
  3. Liberia elected the first female president in Africa, Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who is serving her second and final term.
  4. She is not pronounced Libya. Many people miss-pronounce Liberia and say Libya.
  5. Her population is approximately 4.2 mostly concentrated in Montserrado County.
  6. The capital city is named after James Monroe who served as fifth president of the United States.
  7. She is a founding member of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), which morphed into present day African Union.
  8. She is not next door neighbor to the nations of Jamaica or Haiti. She is located south, south west of the Sahara desert in Africa whereas Haiti and Jamaica are Caribbean Sea Countries.
  9. She does not currently have civil war. Civil war started in 1989 and ended in 2003.
  10. She currently has one functioning international airport called Roberts International Airport (RIA). Air Brussels and other major airlines make daily stops. There are multiple regional airports.
  11. The most staple food is rice. Rice is grown in Liberia and imported as well.
  12. Liberians do not sleep in trees or in open desert. We have houses made of concrete, mud, zinc and mats. We do not have constant close contact with wide game.
  13. We drive on the right like in the U.S. There are paved and unpaved roads.
  14. We are a welcoming and friendly society that is open to foreign investments.
  15. Lucrative investment opportunities abound in transport, communications (print, radio, TV), agriculture, educational technologies, housing and etc.
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