Liberia’s Minister Of Finance Underscores Gov’t’s Role In Implementing The SDG’s Process

Liberia's Minister of Finance of Development, Planning Boama S. Kamara
Liberia’s Minister of Finance of Development, Planning Boama S. Kamara

New York, 19th July 2016, Liberia’s Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Boima .S. Kamara, has underscored the importance of tracking and measuring the performance in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as key to success.

Minister Kamara at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (SDGs), held at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York.
Minister Kamara at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (SDGs), held at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

He said that the Government of Liberia has established an institutional framework comprising the various stakeholders in order to coordinate and monitor the implementation process of the SDGs, and that such move was in fulfillment of Liberia’s continuous support and engagement in the SDGs’s process since its adoption in September 2015.

According to a dispatch from New York,  the  Finance Minister made the remarks on Tuesday, the 19th of July, when he delivered a Statement at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (SDGs), held at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

 Minister Kamara pointed out that  while it is true that fragile States and conflict affected counties face significant and unique challenges in the implementation  of  SDGs, especially in the case of Liberia which has emerged from civil conflict,  the modest gains made by the country  during the implementation of the  Millennium Development Goals,  further  motivated it  to engage  at the highest level,  in the formulation  process to ensure that the country’s unique perspective were considered and reflected in the  SDGs.

Liberia’s Finance Minister indicated that the Government of Liberia appreciate and recognizes the correlation between  peace  , security and development , and that it  is only by focusing on political issues such   as reconciliation, Peacebuilding ,  governance , as well as economic factors, such as  unemployment and productivity,  would the Government realize  its development objectives.

“President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf launched the SDGs nationally in January this year demonstrating the political will to implement the Agenda 2030.  As we undertake the process of domesticating the SDGs at the country level, Liberia commits to adopt  a coherent, inclusive,  and whole- of- government strategy for implementation which underpins peace, security, stability, human rights and development as the foundation for achieving the SDGs”. The Finance Minister averred.

Speaking further, Minister Kamara informed the audience that the Government of Liberia having taken a comprehensive review of the implementation of its national medium term plan and initiated the alignment of Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030,is taking further steps  towards a structural transformation of its economy aimed at reducing  the over -reliance on natural resource extraction and ensure inclusive economic growth.

To this end, Liberia’s Finance  Minister intimated that the  Government has launched an agriculture transformation agenda with the sole purpose of ensuring economic diversification  through agricultural  productivity  enhancement in order to reduce  susceptibility to global economic, food and fuel price shocks, adding” In implementing Agenda 2030, Liberia will complement economic transformation with strengthening social protection programs as a core instrument  for reducing poverty, addressing  inequality and helping  the ultra -poor  and vulnerable  households to manage risks more effectively”

At the same time, Minister Kamara while aligning  his Statement  with that of the Africa’s position which emphasizes the need for domestication of the SDGs, called for the indicator work to accommodate flexibilities at the country level in order to develop practical  and relevant country  indicators to monitor performance  in SDGs implementation. This, he explained,  will require strengthening  data and statistics institutions to play the important  role of gathering evidence to inform countries interventions and further guide the process.

Meanwhile,  Liberia’s Finance Minister assured the audience of  the Liberian  Government’s readiness to work in partnership with all stakeholders including the international partners, civil society organizations as well as the private sector to achieve  policy coherence  in order to implement Agenda 2030 in a way that will ensure  that no Liberian is left behind.

Written by : Abu Kamara Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs

Permanent Mission of Liberia to the United Nations


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