As Facilitates At Liberia’s Health Centers Deteriorates, Gov’t Officials Prefer Seeking Medical Checks Abroad

Bernice Dahn, Liberia’s Minister Of Health
Bernice Dahn, Liberia’s Minister Of Health

As ordinary Liberians who cannot afford to seek medical treatment abroad due to the deteriorating condition of the Country’s referral medical centers, officials of the Liberian Government have resolved to seek at all times their medical checks abroad while majority who cannot afford to travel die of simple illnesses.

Jackson F. Doe Memorial Regional Referral Hospital in Nimba County which was considered as one of the best hospitals in the Country is gradually losing its title, as many of its services, report says have gone out of order, making reference of the breakdown of the only CD Scan in the Country.

According to our source, the CD Scan which was broken down nearly a year now is yet to be fixed as many of those in authority have reportedly vowed to ‘Play low’ on the repair and maintaining of this important medical device, a situation which report says made many Liberians who cannot travel abroad due to the lack of the finances to die.

Recently, an official of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, according to our source who fell sick and needed to do her CD Scan to diagnose her problem, and with immediate effect could order the repair of the spoiled Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital CD Scan resolved to travel to Ghana for similar services.

The breakdown of the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital CD Scan which requires an immediate repair, is just one of the many important medical instruments being isolated by authorities leaving majority to die of simple illnesses because they cannot afford to seek medical treatment abroad.

Quite recently a 20ft container loaded with huge consignment of medical supplies including drugs and other clinical equipments brought into the Country by some US based Liberians under the banner, Liberia Medical Mission from humanitarian organizations for onward distribution free to hospitals and clinics in the Country    is currently been locked up at the National Port Authority (NPA) based on the payment of US$6,000.00 as duty fees.

According to an investigation conducted by the GNN, donors in the United States who made available these relief medical supplies to the US based NGO, the Liberia Medical Mission (LMM) are disheartened about the alleged refusal for the Liberian Government to give free passage for the Container with the relief medical supplies to be freely distributed to the Liberian people.

For this reason, our source said many of those donors who made it possible for the arrival of this huge consignment of drugs and other clinical materials are now contemplating not donate any more relief medical supplies to the LMM due to the behaviors of the Liberian Government not to compliment the efforts of the LMM.

Liberians who spoke to the GNN yesterday condemned the Liberian Government for its refusal to support the initiatives of those Liberians in the United States who are making frantic efforts to bring in relief medical supplies to their fellow compatriots.

Report By Joel Cholo Brooks

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