Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet takes shape

UK new PM, Theresa May
UK new PM, Theresa May

{BNN/LONDON, U.K.} – Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May has named Former Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

According to reports, May has become the second female Prime Minister in Britain, and her cabinet has begun to take shape with the appointment of Hammond, who takes over from George Osborne.

It was added that Hammond is one of Conservatives’ most experienced politicians, having been in the Parliament since 1997.

Although a firm believer in prudent public finances, the “fiscal hawk” will not be permitted to cut spending, or raise taxes too aggressively.

Reports added that outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron was given a resounding ovation by Conservative MPs as he exited 10 Downing Street.

Cameron has tendered his formal resignation to the head of state, and Queen Elizabeth II invited May for a simple ceremony at the palace to form a government.

A flurry of appointments took place during the first few hours of May becoming the first female Prime Minister of UK.

Amber Rudd from the Remain camp has been named Home Secretary, after spending the last year as energy and Climate minister.

Former Mayor of London and foreman of the Leave campaign, Boris Johnson have been made Foreign Secretary, despite believing that he would not be given a place on the front bench in a May-run administration.

Former shadow secretary David Davis has been named Secretary of State for exiting the EU, and Liam Fox for International Trade.

Michael Fallon is to stay on as Defense Secretary following the changes at the top.

The 13th British Prime Minister said that the decisions of her administration would be driven by the interests of both “the privileged few” and voters struggling with “the pressures of modern life.”

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