New NGO, UCA-Liberia Transforming and Reshaping the Future of Liberia’s Youthful Population – A Profile

UCA LogoSituated on Benson Street, the heart of Liberia’s capital, Monrovia is the Union of Conscious Africans (UCA-Liberia Inc., a non-for-profit and nongovernmental youth organization established on December 1st, 2008.

The Conscious  Food Center
The Conscious Food Center

Accordingly, UCA-Liberia mission is to make a great impact in transforming and reshaping the future of young people in Liberia and Africa at large.

The membership of this group is involved in massive information sharing through documentary videos, audios and photos that will help young people rethink and better prepare for the challenges ahead.

Documentary Training Lab
Documentary Training Lab

With this mission in mind, UCA-Liberia over the years has collected more than 1500 copies of various kinds of informative documentary videos and over 900 copies of great audio speeches as well as several copies of historical photos.

I-Help Liberia Project USA Team Visit To UCA Office
I-Help Liberia Project USA Team Visit To UCA Office

These video documentaries cover wide range of human and societal issues such as, religious, political, economic, and environmental as well as developmental issues. There are many intriguing Liberian documentaries and others alike that could directly or indirectly impact the lives of young people.

UCA Visit at the President Joseph J. Roberts Monument in Monrovia
UCA Visit at the President Joseph J. Roberts Monument in Monrovia

UCA -Liberia is hopeful of creating a border free information sharing system in order to achieve a sustainable path of growth and development on the continent. This is a pledge by the union members, based on a common vision and firm shared conviction, that they have a pressing duty of establishing closer cultural, social, religious and linguistic ties through information sharing initiatives vital for true unity among the people of Africa.

Students visiting the Liberation Monument in Monrovia
Students visiting the Liberation Monument in Monrovia

Although the fact remains that there are still more Africans who cannot read and write even in their own languages or dialects but realizing that they can comprehend body languages (dramas), accompanied by explanations that their minds can easily catch, the organization therefore endeavors to produce self explanatory documentaries covering all aspects of Africa’s renewed generational growth.

It is our understanding that African communities themselves should devote considerably more attention to solving their own problems. UCA feels that it is the scope of access to technology and electronic tools that will profoundly shape the way we obtain information and even the way we share them to enhance true practice of democracy.

UCA-Liberia Aims and Objectives

In view of the above introduction, the organization is poised to pursue the following objectives:

  1. To engage in the collection, production and screening of useful

Documentary information (photos, videos, audios, ect) as a means of creating the necessary awareness among Africans, especially the youth

  1. To engage in the screening of documentary videos throughout Liberia;
  1. To encourage the timely sharing of useful and needed information to all sectors of African communities especially the most remote ones;
  1. To build and strengthen an informative superhighways among the various social and political classes of Africa;
  1. To pursue a vigorous search in order to recover Africa lost/stolen cultural heritage for generational consumption;
  1. To Encourage religious tolerant thereby bringing about a strong domestic cooperation amongst different ethnic and religious groups in all Africans communities;
  1. To always inform the growing population of the continent about all major sicknesses, natural disasters and their various challenges in a timely and orderly manner;
  1. To run regular conferences workshops and seminars for

Institutions, organizations communities and people groups for the holistic growth and development of the conscious minds of all Africans.

  1. To encourage a generational vision among students and the youths of Africa.
  1. To organize an inter-school and inter-university organizational cooperation, to debate on both local and international issues that affect relevant institutions of our societies.
  1. To organize, nurture, and promote grassroots development initiatives.
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