Al Shabaab continues its reign of terror, launches fresh attacks on Somali military base

Al-Shabab Militants Kill 73 Soldiers in Attack on Somali Military Base
Al-Shabab Militants Kill 73 Soldiers in Attack on Somali Military Base

{BNN Online/MOGADISHU, Somalia}  – Al Shabaab militants launched yet another attack on the Somali military base outside the capital on Monday, claiming lives of eight soldiers.

The Somali military base, which is located 30 miles outside the capital city Mogadishu, in the Laanta Buuro village, witnessed a car bomb being blown up at the entrance gate of the base.

Immediately, insurgents rushed into the base where a heavy fight broke out between them and the military officials.

Local reports claimed that heavy gunfire and an explosion occurred before the extremists raised their black banner over the military base.

The militants not only killed soldiers but also seized weapons and military trucks. Hours after the attacks, a senior Somali military official said, “They are still in control of the base.”

Reports quoted witnesses as saying that loud explosions were heard around 2 am local time, followed by gunfire that continued for about an hour and a half.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack on their radio station Andulus, claiming to have killed 30 members of the armed forces.

The extremist group, that has terrorised the region for a while now had lost key strongholds of the Somali troops but manage to regroup later. Al Shabaab now maintains a military presence largely in rural areas and has stepped up attacks on military bases across large parts of south and central Somalia.

Last year, Al Shabaab targeted the camp in a similar attack, killing 15 soldiers. Then, in March this year, Al Shabaab attacked the same base, seizing military trucks and rocket-propelled grenades. Around six soldiers were killed in the attack.

The recent attack comes merely a few days after the chief of the Somali armed forces warned troops of possible extremist attacks.


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