LIBERIA: Unknown Person Cutoff Man’s Penis

{By Edwin Dolo}

The Duport Road Community was a scene of shock and terror Tuesday afternoon when a man, believed to be in his early 30s, was discovered screening in a pool of blood along the main motor road.

The victim’s penis or private part was completely slashed by an unknown person in the densely populated community.

Penis is the primary sexual organ that male and hermaphrodite animals use to inseminate sexually receptive mates (usually females and hermaphrodites respectively) during copulation.

The man, according to multiple eyewitnesses, came running toward the motor road from behind the Freddy Entertainment Center around the Duport Road Market area, crying profusely as blood pours from his short trouser.

Upon reaching the road, eyewitnesses said, the victim ran onto a moving bus in excruciating pains and with tears, effectively generating the concerns and curiosity of the passengers on the commercial bus.

According to the eyewitnesses who spoke to the INSIGHT, the man, in a twinkle of an eye, ran out of the bus and ran towards a moving taxi, as he shouted above his voice, “My penis, my penis,” thus attracting more concerns from a surging crowd of onlookers.

“The man came with heavy running and bumped into the taxi. I heard him saying let car kill me one time,” an 18-year old Prince Railey, one of the onlookers, told the INSIGHT.

Another eyewitness, James Mulbah , narrated that the man could not explain what had happened to him or what he did for his penis to be slashed. Eyewitness Mulbah added that he was just saying “It is hard to talk.”

“The man felt right before the taxi, we were shocked. Later on, we discovered that too much blood was leaking from his trouser, and when he opened his trouser, we saw that his penis was cut. When we asked him to explain what happened to him, all he could say was: “It is hard to talk my people.”

“He left crying in severe pains until an ambulance came and took him away”, Mulbah further told the INSIGHT.

The victim was reportedly taken to the state-owned John F. Kennedy medical center in Sinkor, a suburb of Monrovia for treatment.

The Insight could not immediately reach JFK to confirm whether or not the man was taken there for treatment and his current health condition.

Hundreds of residents of Duport Road and its surrounding communities who trooped to the scene of the incident upon hearing the news that spread in all directions like a bush fire could not give the identity of the victim.

Other eyewitnesses told the Insight that a piece of the man’s penis was seen in a nearby drainage.

When the Insight went to the nearby drainage yesterday, the piece of the cut penis was seen there. It is not clear why the ambulance that took the victim to the hospital did not remove the piece of penis from the drainage.

When this reporter also visited the community which the victim was believed to have come from when the incident occurred, none of the community residents spoken to by the Insight could give vivid account of him or the gruesome incident.

However, other residents confirmed seeing him running with blood on him.

There were different opinions among the terrified onlookers as to what really may have led to the man’s penis be cutoff.

“For me, this man must be a thief. Probably, he had gone to steal from someone and he was caught in the process and the person treated him in such a ghastly manner,” old man Jackson Perry who was on the scene opined.

For Foday Subah, another eyewitness, “the man might have been caught in a “jolly-jolly sexual safari” with somebody’s woman. That could be the reason why such an evil thing was done to him. It is just hard to determine the actual cause of the incident, as the victim himself did not say anything,” he concluded.

Others believed that the man might have tried to rape somebody or he might have tricked a woman who may have revenged against him in such a cruel manner.

But whatever the reason might be, the victim may explain to doctors and nurses at the JFK Hospital if indeed, he was taken there for medical attention.

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