Henry Costa’s ‘Libelous, Slanderous’ Utterances against Former JFK CFO Will Lead Him into Another Trouble

Henry Costa, General Manager Voice FM
Henry Costa, General Manager Voice FM

Documents in the possession of this news outlet has revealed that recent insinuations made by the General Manager of the Voice FM 102.7 radio station in Monrovia, Henry Costa that the former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center did plunder in the financial coffer of the entity has revealed that the information released by the Voice FM Manager on his airwaves is untrue.

Following weeks of our professional investigation which led this news outlet to probe into the alleged plundering of the JFK needed revenue by its former CFO, Madam Serina Rosemarie Gbaba cogent information gathered with documentations in our possession openly disproved this phony allegation featured on the Voice FM radio station.

jfk6In his live radio talk show, the Costa Show, Henry Costa publicly told the Liberian people and other nationalities worldwide that the allotted financial intake from the Liberian Government intended for the use of the JFK Medical Center was been plundered into by Mrs. Gbaba and her team, making references of phony documents backed with some huge number of checks issued to ‘Unspecified’ individuals and institutions without he (Costa) firstly verifying such information released by him.

According to our investigation, the JFK management through its financial department then headed by Mrs. Gbaba as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) made some genuine payments to institutions and individuals for the smooth operations of the entity as required by the entity’s financial policy.

jfk9Some of those who were paid for their services rendered to the JFK included the Abaxis Europe GmbH which received an amount of US$24,126.00 on the 16th of November, 2015 for the purchase of Laboratory equipment.

These items purchased from the Abaxis Europe GmbH were legally paid for as per the checks mentioned.

This is one of the Checks paid to vendor
This is one of the Checks paid to vendor

US$23,912.05 was paid to the same company for similar services on July 18, 2015.

According to the report were being paid for contrary to Henry Costa’s insinuation that this amount in question was paid to an unknown person.

jfk8According to our investigation, another payments were made to A Different Approach Ltd of UK, for the purchase of several medical items, this was also characterized by Henry Costa on his show as phony.

Another Check paid to vendor
Another Check paid to vendor

According to our investigation, several genuine other payments were also made to several institutions and individuals for services rendered to the JFK Memorial Medical Center with documentations in the possession of this outlet.

What bewildered this outlet regarding expending of all of these financial transactions by the former CFO without any wrongdoing as being observed is as to whether Mr. Henry Costa did not actually investigate the information gathered before going public.

jfk3This action on the part of the Voice FM radio Manager has trigger public concerns pondering over as to what is behind such slanderous and libelous information being spread out to the public by the Voice FM radio without remorse conscious that what was been sent out by this media outlet has the propensity of damaging the hard earned reputation of Mrs. Gbaba.

jfk5For the benefit of our reading populace about the person being accused by Mr. Costa and his Voice FM, we are pleased to feature the lady at the center of this allegation:

Mrs. Serina Rosemarie Gbaba is an MBA Finance Fulbright Scholar 1988 and is a product of the John Hopkins School of Nursing of Baltimore, MD, and holds Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Mrs. Gbaba is a well-respected Fulbright Scholar with a MBA in Finance from one of America’s prestigious Ivy League Universities, Columbia University in New York, New York. We also found out that she earned a Bachelors of Science in Economics and Accounting Suma Cum laude from the University of Liberia in 1985 and another Bachelors of Nursing from another prestigious American University, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore with Magna Cum laude.

Not only that Mrs. Gbaba is well schooled but that prior to joining JFK, she has worked the like of LBDI, United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, Johns Hopkins University Hospital and even served as Deputy Comptroller for Domestic Debt Republic of Liberia. In all of these institutions she has served with distinction.

What astounds this outlet is the facts that it appears that either Mr. Costa did not investigate the purposes for which these checks were written and the institutions involve, some of which are reputable international institutions. For instance, Abixis is a German manufacturer of medical equipment,and A Different Approach a British Company that also deals in medical related manufacturing or it is a deliberate intend to destroy the character of a noble citizen. Another surprising element in all this is the fact that Mrs. Gbaba is single out here whereas there appears to be the signatures of her bosses on the said checks and nothing is said about them. She is not the head of the institution.

Finally, our investigation proves that Mrs. Gbaba conducted a staff meeting on Thursday afternoon on June 30, 2016 at which time she informed the entire Fiscal Department that she had resigned and bide them a formal farewell. Moreover, report from the RIA suggest it is not in the know that Mrs. Gbaba was ever prevented from traveling as alleged by Mr. Costa and that they did not receive any request to stop her. Is another completely fabricated story from Mr. Costa? If so, then what is the purpose?

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