U.S. President Obama campaigns with Clinton, hopes for Democratic win during elections

President Obama and Hillary Clinton
President Obama and Hillary Clinton

{BNN/NORTH CAROLINA, U.S.} – President Barack Obama reportedly began his campaign trail debut alongside Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in North Carolina’s Charlotte, for the first time in eight years.

According to reports, Obama seeks to use his popularity to bolster Clinton image and to pitch her as a viable presidential candidate using the four years serving as his top diplomat as evidence of tough-nosed grit.

It was added that Obama was also expected to tell the tale of his and Clinton’s rival-to-friendship story, as well as vouching for her “character, fitness and qualifications.”

Further, Obama will bank on his own record as President, amidst heightened scrutiny of Clinton’s trustworthiness.

FBI agents reportedly spent more than three hours interrogating Clinton over poor ratings on trust and honesty, despite Obama continuously saying that, “I continue to believe that she has not jeopardised America’s national security.”

David Axelrod, Obama’s former senior adviser, reportedly said, “More than anything else he can provide a testimonial for Hillary Clinton, having been her opponent at one point and then working closely with her in her job as secretary of state. And he can describe the demands of the presidency in a way that underscore the seriousness of the job.”

Obama’s approval ratings will reportedly help to determine if Clinton will become the second person since World War II to earn a third White House term for the same party.

It was added that Obama would also require a Clinton victory to defeat Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump, who had launched several bitter salvos during the length of his campaign, against the President.

Donna Brazile, vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, reportedly said, “I think it’s a great moment for her [Clinton] to reach deeper into the Democratic Party, but also to expand the base beyond just Democrats.” READ MORE OF THIS REPORT

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