Senator Prince Johnson Is ‘No More A Formidable Force Any More’ In Nimba Come 2017, – His Kinsman Discloses

Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County - Is He Still A Formidable Force?
Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County – Is He Still A Formidable Force?

As Liberian politicians using all means to hearten electorates to overwhelmingly vote them into power come 2017 general and presidential elections, electorates are now grading those who they think should be elected in power and trash those out who they believe should not be voted for.

 “Senator Prince Johnson, our kinsman has over the years enjoyed our support for his bid for both the legislature and the presidency, but this time we will withhold our bid for his presidency come 2017, because he has disappointed us; he is no more a formidable candidate,” Nyan  Dolo, a resident of  Ganta City in a chat with a team of GNN staff over the weekend said.

Dolo and other residents spoke to this outlet last Friday in Ganta during the planned welcome visit of the political leader of the opposition Liberty Party (LP), Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine during the official opening of the party’s offices in the County.

The welcome ceremony of the LP Political leader saw hundreds of Nimbains in their jubilance mood trooping to the LP local party headquarter with drumming and pro-political slogans expressing their unflinching support to the presidential bid of Cllr. Brumskine, while some critics of Senator Prince Johnson questioning his sincerity in his quest for the nation’s highest seat, the presidency.

With this latest political attack on Senator Johnson from his critics, and other opponents regarding his long awaited quest for the Executive Mansion, some political analysts who spoke to our reporter say they foresee his dramatic defeat in 2017 by losing votes from his home county.

However, other reactionary supporters of the Senator who spoke to this outlet, said he is still a formidable force in the County, noting that his numerous contributions over the years to bring about lasting peace in the County is forever be remembered, making reference of his military might during the Liberian civil war.

“Those people who are condemning the Senator are enemies of development, and do not want to see progress in our County, as far we are concern Prince Johnson is still a formidable force to contend with during these pending elections. Those who believed he is not are joking and are politically sleeping, and need to wake up in their slumber,” Saye Gongarnue, a resident of Ganta City who claimed to be member of the Unity Party and diehard support of Senator Johnson told the GNN.

But for other residents of Ganta City, Nimba County, say they have resolved to vote for anyone who can come to their rescue in bringing meaningful development in their beloved country, and denounced that Senator Prince Y. Johnson is no more a formidable force come 2017, noting, “Prince Johnson is no  more a formidable force from our county for the presidency, he will be booted out come 2017 with some of those we trust to lead this country,” Nyan Dolo, a resident  of Ganta in a chat with our staff noted.

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