As UN Peacekeeping Duty Ends Today In Liberia, AFL Says It Is Ready To Assume Responsibilities

Members of the Liberian Army
Members of the Liberian Army

The Liberian government says its forces; the Armed Forces of Liberia is indeed ready to assume the responsibility of the United Nations Peace keeping mission in the country as they end their mission there on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

Devastating back-to-back civil wars in Liberia had necessitated the forming of the peacekeeping mission in September 2003 and the mandate was to ensure security, rebuild police and military forces from scratch and disarm rebels in the country.

Nigerian UN Peacekeeping Troop
Nigerian UN Peacekeeping Troop

The UN military mission in Liberia is one of longest and largest missions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Liberians on local radio stations today poured praises on the world’s peacekeeping group for helping to restore lasting peace in Liberia, but expressed fears of the state of their country’s security.

“The UN Peacekeepers will be missed by us; their peaceful role played during our war days will forever be remembered. The UN Security Council must be commended for its interest in bringing men and women in the United Nations to come to Liberia to help keep our country’s save peacefully,” Jeremiah Dorma, a Liberian retired soldier of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) in a chat with our staff said.

As the mission is pulling out today, the faces of Liberians and foreign residents are becoming saddened and expressing concern about the departure of the UN Peacekeeping force from Liberia, and wonder as to whether the Liberian security forces will be in the position to adequately mend the country’s borders and keep away intruders from causing havoc on peaceful Liberians.

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