Istanbul airport attack: An attempt to ravage Turkish economy, tourism?

uni1467208364{BNN/ISTANBUL, Turkey} – The Ataturk Airport has reportedly been reopened to the public after a coordinated terror attack on Wednesday left dozens dead, and many more injured.

According to reports, Istanbul’s governor revised the death toll that has now been established at 41, and the number includes 10 foreign nationals and three dual nationals. 230 people were also injured in the attacks.

It was added that the Red Crescent sent out appeals for blood donations, and later 109 were released from under the doctor’s eye.

Further, Turkish investigators are reportedly surveying video footage and witness statements to establish the party responsible for the attack on Europe’s third-busiest airport, but the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group still remains the primary suspect.

Experts reportedly opine that the incident may incite an unavoidable first order battle between Turkey and the ISIS.

Turkey’s tourism economy and business community will reportedly have to bear the brunt of the attacks, as the airport is the main entry point for more than 30 million people and the home of Turkish Airlines.

In the wake of the attacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly expressed his condolences to Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan, and has begun a process of improving relations with the country.

Reports added that Russia is to lift bans on package tours to Turkey, while other officials were directed to put in place reforms that would better relations.

Israel, too, reportedly extended a helping hand, adding that they were willing to help Turkey recover from the attack and thwart possible future attempts.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull condemned the attacks, saying that, “This is a very sad day for the people who love freedom, as we do and the Turkish people do.”

He added that the attacks were a reminder that Islamic terrorists wanted to “destroy, divide and kill Muslims, Christians and others of non-Muslim faith.”

Meanwhile, Twitterati reportedly criticised Indian actor Hrithik Roshan for his series of tweets explaining how he managed to ‘take economy’ and fly out a day earlier on a different flight from the Ataturk Airport.

Reports state that Roshan narrowly missed being present during the attack as he caught an earlier flight.

Twitter users were enraged and one reportedly tweeted, “Oh boy! Economy seats! Must have been terrible. Poor you.”

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