Benjamin Yeaten’s Days Are Numbered, As Int’l Security Network Mounts Pressure For His Arrest

The Notorious War Criminal, General Benjamin Yeaten
The Notorious War Criminal, General Benjamin Yeaten

The days of Liberia’s notorious war criminal, Benjamin Yeaten are said o be numbered for his hideout since he fled Liberia few years ago following the arrest of his master, the former Liberian leader, Charles Taylor for war crimes and crime against humanity.

Yeaten who headed the  former President  Charles Taylor’s security forces has been on the run and causing security concerns around Africa, as he continue to reportedly engaged in subversive activities.

The former General, according to reports  over the years has been sheltering between several countries in West Africa in the Gambia and Togo, hoping that he would be shielded by the leaders of the two countries, but .

A source from the United States hinted this news outlet that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the International Police (INTERPOL)  are doing all in their professional powers to apprehend this notorious war criminal, and at the same time negotiating with those countries he said to be sheltering for his immediate handover.

According to reports, Yeaten, formerly head of the Special Security Service (SSS) now transformed into the Executive Protective Service (EPS), was alleged to have trained bodyguards of some African leaders in the sub region.

Few years ago the International Police (Interpol)  issued an arrest warrant for Benjamin Yeaten, but up to date his whereabouts is still unknown, our source said both the FBI and Interpol authorizes are rapidly closing on him for his arrest.

“The days of freedom and hideout of this notorious war criminal are numbered, his arrest and subsequent prosecution are in sight, he will be arrested by these professional international security institutions including the FBI and Interpol,” our source speaking from the US via mobile phone noted.

Our reporter who spoke to some Liberians, many of those spoke to said they were victims of Yeaten’s atrocities, and are praying for his arrest and subsequent prosecution by the International War Crime Court in The Hague.

“He should be arrested and join his boss, former President Charles Taylor who is serving a 50-year term in the UK,” Gabrielyne Souah who said she was raped by Yeaten’s bodyguards during the Liberian civil war said.

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