“My Impression About Montana- A Refection By Paul Zondo

Parks Mountains Glacier National Park [USA, Montana]
Parks Mountains Glacier National Park [USA, Montana]

Every morning before heading to work I gaze the mountains and adjacent hills that surround my little town I now call home in Montana USA. Here the lakes are blue; the mountains are covered with snow capped. Hunting and fishing is the old tradition. The train comes through town at noon, like clock works. During this time of year red deer stop by at my neighbor’s house for food. The deer strangely, do not stop at my house perhaps instinct tells them I was once a deer hunter in my hay days in Liberia.

The paradise -like scenery here does not tempt me to forget where my journey began. It started 7000 miles away in a little mission town called Yila at the county line of Bong and Nimba where the red Saint John River runs wide and deep.

The history of Yila mission is simple. Missionaries from the States constructed an institute to train pastors to reach the hinterland in. Theirs success was remarkable. What astonishes me however was their tenacity to go deep into the heart of Liberia for the sake of the gospel.

Matthew the gospel writer records these lines in chapter 28:19-20 “Go ye therefore and make disciples. The verb “go” is part of few short words in the English language that mean action and convey a complete thought. I am always fascinated about the how the missionary understood the verse.

They left the conveniences of life behind to “GO” into all nations.

Today, the Christian church is endangered of extinction because we are not going.

Some churches in Britain are closing their doors for the last time. Most American churches are experiencing membership decline. The church death rate in the west is extremely high. This trend may spill over to developing countries soon like Liberia.

Let’s discuss why is the church struggling to survive in many developed and developing societies.

  1. The Church does know who should evangelism

   Matthew 28:19 “Ye” refers to all. Male or female. The job of evangelism is not limited to pastors and evangelists. All of Christians are called to work of evangelism.

  1. Where should we go?

Most of us would like to go to upscale cities to evangelize. Some would like to come to America to help stop the trend of church decline. We must take the gospel to all nations first beginning in your Jerusalem (Liberia) Luke 24:47

  1. From the banks of the cotton wood creek that runs deep through my little town, there is something else that runs deep through me – Evangelism , the realization that the time to share Christ is now. Now is the time. 2 Corinthians 6:2 The time of Salvation. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow is not a promised. The world is awaiting. Romans 8:19.

The moral foundations of our great nations are under threat. The death of good and the birth of evil is at staggering speed. Preaching Jesus is still the only path to go when reclaiming or world

Paul Zondo is an author, church planter, international speaker and evangelist. He is a graduate of Greater Refuge Bible School and Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI), Liberia, Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Eastern Missouri Bible College and a year at Sioux Falls Seminary in Sioux Falls South Dakota. He lives with his wife and son in Montana.

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