EgyptAir probe yields results days after search initiated, wreckage found

uni1466047377{BNN/CAIRO, Egypt}  – Days after launching an intensive search operation, Egyptian investigators have now claimed that they have detected the wreckage of the EgyptAir flight MS804 that went missing on May 19.

The Investigation committee released an official statement that said one of the two ships contracted by the Egyptians, John Lethbridge had found “several main locations” on the sea floor between Crete and the Egyptian coast.

Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry has said that investigators would now put together an exact map of the location and distribution spots, based on the images of the wreckage that have been provided to them.

However, apart from this new development revealed on June 15 and an earlier statement issued by the French Aviation Safety agency, BEA, claiming to have detected signals of the plane’s flight data and cockpit voice recorders or the black box – no further development has been reported, reportedly making the relatives of the victims anxious.

Egypt has stressed that finding the black box, that continues to transmit signals only 30 days after a crash, would be crucial in identifying the cause of the crash. On June 1, the BEA statement claimed that the highly equipped ship, La Place had detected signals from the black box of the Airbus A320. Reports claimed that investigators now had only nine days left to find the black box.

Egyptian officials have been leading extensive underwater searches in the Mediterranean along with five other countries, Greece, Britain, France, Cyprus and the United States.

Officials from Egypt have so far found and released images of the wreckage of the aircraft’s fuselage, including human remains and the personal belongings of passengers, along with some airline life jackets with EgyptAir prints and even seat belts.

Egypt’s national airline had said that the aircraft disappeared after entering Egyptian airspace on May 19 carrying 56 passengers and ten crew members on board vanishing over the Mediterranean Sea at 37,000 feet. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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