Report: Indicted Speaker Tyler’s LPDP and George Weah’s CDC Are in Discussions for Merger

Indicted  Speaker Alex J. Tayler
Indicted Speaker Alex J. Tayler

Report gathered by local media in Monrovia says in-house discussions are currently taking place between the Liberia People’s Democratic Party (LPDP) of indicted House Speaker Alex Tyler and the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) of Senator George Weah for a possible political merger between the two political parties.

During these discussions, according to report, Speaker Tyler of the LPDP in order to win the hearts of partisans of the CDC and to politically pave way for his quest for merger has promised to provide fifteen vehicles to the  party if the merger been thread is achieved.

Dozens of Liberians who spoke to the GNN on this latest development regarding the merger between the CDC and the LPDP wondered as to whether the political leader of the CDC, Senator George Weah and his partisans will allow for the LPDP political leader to come in as Standard Bearer of the CDC.

“Alex should be careful with the CDC, because those heading this political party are noted of scan by putting those who want to be part of their party under the impression of their willingness to accept their request and rob them of their cash and later on turned them down. “The partisans of that party (CDC) will not allow anyone to go first,” Daniel Johnson, a resident of Paynesville in a chat with our staff noted.

But for others on the opposing side of Speaker Tyler becoming part of the CDC, said Speaker Alex Tyler will not be the right man for the CDC political merger, noting, “Speaker Tyler should not be bother to allow his LPDP to merge with the CDC. Already we are aware that Speaker Tyler is facing criminal charges and is been indicted for that he will not be accepted in this regard,” Nathaniel Clarke, a man who claimed to be a full member of the CDC told our staff in a chat.

“Let the CDC eat some of the cash from the Speaker, because his wealth being  accrued was not done honestly. I know he will later on be duped by the CDC after draining his pocket dried. This party, the CDC is noted of that. It has duped several individuals who earlier expressed their interest to join the party; robbed them of their l physical cash under the pretence that they would be accepted,” Agnes Brown, a student of the University of Liberia in chat also added her voice on the issue.

On May 25, 2016, the grounds of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia was a scene of emotions and excitement when two of the Liberian Government strong men, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Chairman of the ruling Unity Party was arrested on bribery and corruption charges by the Special Presidential Taskforce set up by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to probe those linked to the Global Witness Bribery and Corruption saga.

Both Cllr. Varney Sherman who is also Senator of Grand Cape Mount County and Alex Tyler who is also the political leader of the Liberia People’s Democratic Party {LPDP} were today arrested and send to court for their alleged involvement of the Global Witness report on the Stable Mining of distribution of huge cash to some officials of the Liberian Government and others including the son of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Fumba Sirleaf.

“The arrest and subsequent taken to court for prosecution of the two officials in the Liberian Government signaled out that anyone who will be caught in corruption web will be dealt with through legal means, and that the issue of cultural of impunity will no more exist,” one of the bystanders at the Temple of Justice who spoke to our reporter noted.

Today’s arrest of both Senator Sherman and Speaker Tyler has given more teeth to the Special Presidential Taskforce headed by Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa to holistically go after those linked to bribery and corruption in Liberia.

The two powerful Liberian Government have however filed a bond to appear in court at a later for investigation

The Global Witness report entitled The Deceivers, unearthed that Sable Mining wanted to get the concession rights to Liberia’s Wologizi iron ore and Cllr. Sherman allegedly told the company that in order to get the contract, Sable Mining must first offer bribes to senior officials to change Liberia’s concession laws.

According to the report, among some of the officials who allegedly received bribes were Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives Alex Tyler, $75,000 for “consulting fees” and Richard Tolbert, chairman of the National Investment Committee $50,000 for “consulting fees”.

Morris Saytumah, minister of state for finance, economic and legal affairs, now a senator, also allegedly received $50,000 for “consulting fees”, and Willie Belleh, chairman of public procurement and concessions commission, allegedly received $10,000 for “consulting fees”.

Two of the biggest payments went to persons identified in the report as “Bigboy 01” and “Bigboy 02”, each allegedly receiving $250,000 with no explanation why the payments were made.

Sherman has said he will not submit to the Special Task Force set up to investigate and authorities were unable to enforce a search and seizure at both his office and his home amid protests from supporters of the ruling party.

Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, head of the Task Force and Minister of State without Portfolio, says bribery under Liberian laws is a criminal offense but has dismissed suggestions that the probable cause arrests Monday were not targeting Sherman alone.

“The multi-agency Presidential task force on the Global Witness report started off this morning [Monday] to execute a series of probable cause arrests. The primary agents in charge of that portion of the operations were the agents from the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission,” Cllr. Koffa told the VOA Daybreak Africa.

Cllr. Koffa insists that the actions being enforced are due to the allegations in the Global Witness report. Investigators believe a crime had been committed and an individual committed that crime.

Sherman has told the Task Force that he has no intention of cooperating with the investigation and filed a motion over the weekend to dismiss the subpoena in a bid to deny access to the accounts of his law firm on grounds that there is no pending case that requires the firm to release its financial records.

Koffa said Sherman has informed the Task Force of his intention not to cooperate. He said they cannot break into Sherman’s house unless they get a search warrant.

“Probable cause of arrest is not based on warrants. What we did have the Ministry of Justice do, within two hours, was issue a search warrant for the premises of Cllr. Sherman and the law offices of Cllr. Sherman. “

“They are in the process of executing the search warrant on the law office. They have not yet done the premises,” Koffa said.

Koffa said his task force is contemplating on other steps and keeping in mind to always conform to the law. Sherman is also a Liberian senator and serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

There had been speculation that the Global Witness corruption investigation was an attempt to get back at Sherman because he had told President Sirleaf not to nominate Koffa as justice minister because Koffa has a tainted record while a lawyer in United States.

Koffa denied the Global Witness investigation was a vendetta against Sherman.

“I didn’t write the Global Witness report; I didn’t engineer the Global Witness report. The Global Witness report came to us and I was assigned that responsibility as a result of grave damage to the country’s image.

The only way your theory or the assumption of someone can be true is if indeed they can show that I participated in engineering the report from Global Witness. I had no clue about that, and I absolutely and categorically deny that it is about any vendetta,” Koffa said.

Mr. Sherman’s arrest comes as the he had filed a complaint to the Senate plenary informing them about the besiegement of his home by security officers of the Liberian National Police on order of the special Presidential task force investigating the Global Witness report.

In the Senator’s letter he said, the security officers did not afford him courtesy by their action to deploy security officers at his home, in his communication read on the plenary floor and sent to the leadership for action within 24 hours.

Senator Alphonso Gaye (Unity Party, Grand Gedeh County) has wrote plenary of the Senate requesting that body to invite the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, Chair on the Special Presidential Task Force to provide briefing on the current investigation of the Global Witness report.

In his communication, Senator Gaye said, while he appreciates the fight against corruption as a National endeavor, the government needs to be cautions in pursuing the case at bar.

He said, the enormity of the allegations levied has damaging effects on the country and those who are named in the report are both present and former government officials.

Following an attempt by sheriffs of the Monrovia City Court and investigators of the LACC to enter the home of Cllr. Sherman based on a search and seizure warrant, lawyers representing the senator has filed a motion to quash the subpoena of decus tecum which was argued Tuesday before the Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice under the gavel of Judge Boima Kontoe.

In the writ, Cllrs. Frank Musa Dean and former Chief Justice Gloria Scott told the court that there was no case before the court and there was no due process provided the Senator in the instant case and that the writ of decus tecum issued by the court was done inadvertently.

“Your honour before a subpoena decus tecum is issued, an indictment is drawn, defendant arraigned then you can issue a subpoena decus tecum to bring in a witness,” said Cllrs. Dean and Scott who told the court to deny the writ and grant unto the senator the necessary relief as required by law as the process was not followed in the instant case.

In a counter argument state lawyers, County Attorney Daku Mulbah and Cllr Theophilus Gould stated that in the case where the security of the state is threatened, one does not need to wait for a trial to issue a writ of subpoena decus tecum or notify defendant, saying the court should deny and dismiss the motion.

“Where-fore and in-view of the foregoing facts and circumstances, your honour respondent prays that you deny movant motion and grant respondents all relief.”

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