At Confirmation Hearing, Liberian Senate Rejects Nominee Who Abandoned His Official Duty For Wedding In U.S.

Mr. Rufus Neufville
Mr. Rufus Neufville

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s newly nominated Deputy Minister for Youth Services at the Ministry of Youth And Sports, Mr. Rufus Neufville was today rejected overwhelmingly by the Liberian Senate during his confirmation hearing at the Capitol Building, stating that he will not be able to handle that position.

Mr. Neufville who was dismissed last year by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Chief of Protocol of the Republic of Liberia after abandoning his official duty in the United States with the Liberian leader for his wedding in another U.S. State, today failed the Senate’s confirmation when he was quizzed of his attitude towards his boss (President) as Chief of Protocol to abandoned her during the official visit of the President in the US which he was part of.

Many of the Senators prior to his rejection at the confirmation hearing, condemned his action in the strongest term, and noted that he will not be able to administratively handle any presidential appointment efficiently and professionally, making reference of his previous action; to abandoned the President for his personal satisfaction.

With his rejection by the Liberian Senate, Mr. Neufville will now find his way elsewhere, while the Liberian leader will now have to make another nomination for said position.

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