CDC Secretary General Appears Before Police For Allegedly Flogging Transport Ministry Inspector

Mr. Melvin Allison, the Transport Inspector who was allegedly flogged by the CDC Official
Mr. Melvin Allison, the Transport Inspector who was allegedly flogged by the CDC Official

The Secretary General of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Janga Kowoh today appeared before the investigative team of the Liberia National Police (LNP) on allegation of the flogging of Melvin Allison, an inspector of the Ministry of Transport last week.

According to report, the CDC Chief Scribe last week ordered the flogging of Mr. Allison for the inspection of his vehicle which not registered under the laws of Liberia to ply the streets of the land.

According to the report, the Transport Inspector as part of his daily routine work on the field last Wednesday, stopped the CDC Secretary General to view his registration documents, but he Mr. Kowoh pleaded with the Inspector that he was going to regularize his vehicle’s status soon, a situation which prompted the Inspector to release his vehicle.

Several days later, Mr. Kowoh again was spotted at the inspection site in Congo Town, closed to the new defense ministry building without his car being registered and also with registration document thus prompting the Transport Ministry Inspector to have the vehicle parked.

The report also said it was again that the CDC official pleaded for the second time asking him to drive with him at the headquarters of the CDC with the understanding that he would produce said document at his office which is few yards away the inspection site.

Upon arriving at the headquarters, it was alleged that Mr. Kowoh ordered some partisans of the CDC to flog the Inspector who in the process sustained serious injuries on his forehead as a result of the flogging.

Speaking to our reporter today after the meeting between lawyers representing the CDC executive on the one hand, and the victim (Mr.Allison) on the other hand, Mr. Sam Collins, the Spokesman of the Liberia National Police via mobile phone said, the matter has been resolved between the parties, and the victim during the meeting agreed to let bygone be bygone.

Mr. Collins did not state further.

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