GN Bank Assures Commitment To Liberia – Says It Is Here To Stay

{By Reuben Sei Waylaun}

GN Bank CEO In Handshake With Liberian Vice President
GN Bank CEO In Handshake With Liberian Vice President

The President and Chairman of GroupeNduom, owner of  (GN Bank), Dr. Papa KwesiNduom has assured Liberians the full commitment of the bank in the country.

Speaking Thursday at the official launch of GN Bank Liberia Limited, Dr. Nduomtold exuberant guests at the Monrovia City hall that as Africans, they have commitment to African communities.

According to Dr. Nduom, it is the responsibility of Africans to share the tasks of nation building. The GroupeNduom’s President noted that it is quest of building strong institutions and spreading prosperity wide and far in all African communities that led them to Liberia.

“We are here as patient investors. We are here for the long term and we will soon be putting out our own buildings as a demonstration that we are here to stay. We know what we are doing and we come as a matter of choice, it doesn’t mean we never had any area to go, but we chose to come to Liberia because we belong to this continent called Africa and we must provide the solution and that why we are here and we will remain here and we are thankful that we are welcomed here and to demonstrate what we can do,” Dr. Nduom said.

GN Bank Liberia Limited (GN Bank) which acquired First International Bank of Liberia or FIBank, commenced banking operations Monday, 6th June 2016 after obtaining a license from the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to provide banking products and services to the Liberian public.

He commended the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) for granting the operations of the GN Bank in the country and assured all that they are all here to make the industry grow and become a good partner to all.

“I want to assure everybody that we don’t come here as people who want to take advantage of any situation. We know the difficulties that are here, we know the problems that are here, we know what hallows have to be overcome so that the people of Liberia can see prosperity and we want to be a part of that. Many people are here in Liberia from Ghana and have been here for decades and decades. We have people who have lived in Liberia and have been in Liberia and we are one family. What we have done in Ghana will be done right here in Liberia,” he added.

Dr. Nduom reminded those in attendance that GroupeNdoum is the largest retailer in the banking industry in Ghana with stations in 268 different locations in Ghana and hope to reach 300 locations in Ghana at the end of the year.

He further added that they bring banking to the doorsteps of people through their mobile banking system.

According to him, what Americans, Japanese or Germans can do by investing in other countries around the world, Africans are capable of doing the same.

“We can also leave the soil of Africa to go and invest in America.Just a two weeks ago, we also went and invested in Chicago, USA and next week we will be in Chicago to outdoor this bank to the entire communities and we are prepared in the US to be the bankers of choice, not just to the African-American and the broader communities, but to Africans in the United States of America and our operation is not restricted to only Chicago, we have a licensed banking in the US and we will use it fully in Africa,” he indicated.

“I am looking forward any time where we can drive any part of Liberia and find the GN Bank located there. So we can assure you that we have brought adequate financing for any time when there is need we can supplement that. We are not going anywhere we have come to stay so take GN Bank to be your bank,” he assured.

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