As President Sirleaf Receives Another Prestigious Int’l Accolade In Israel , Women Back Home Blast Legislators For Plan To Impeach the President

FLASHBACK: Liberian Lawmakers in session
FLASHBACK: Liberian Lawmakers in session

As some members of the National Legislature reportedly resolving to push forward to their colleagues for the impeachment of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the wake of the Global Witness bribery allegations against some lawmakers, some prominent Liberian women say the move by those behind the impeachment proceeding the President is not in the interest of the people of Liberia who are in majority.

 A local daily quoting some group of prominent Liberian women said dozens of  prominent Liberians women have taken to task their lawmakers who have resolved to prepare an impeachment for President Sirleaf say those opting for such are only doing it to pleased themselves, and not the majority of the Liberian people.

The women who vent out their frustration on the issue condemned those they said are fronting for this noting, “They will not succeed in their devilish act to unseat our President who has placed Liberia on the international mat to be recognized amongst the comity of nations,” one of the women, Patricia Nagbe speaking to reporters noted.

Another woman who expressed her resentment is Oretha S. Wilson, Chairperson of the PHP Women Wing said it would be a late undertaking an impeachment proceeding against Sirleaf at this point in time when the nation is grappling with lots of issues with the propensity to undermine the country`s peace and security.

Madam Wilson who called on those harboring the concept of impeaching the president to refrain from such action made direct reference to the gradual drawdown of United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) from the country, and stressed that “impeachment proceedings will not augur well for such an immature democracy especially at the end of the tenure of her regime.”

“President Sirleaf’s term will soon expire; so the issue of impeachment is no longer applicable,” she said. “When she admitted that she took responsibility for NOCAL`s misfortune it was when she should have been impeached by the lawmakers. Now it is late.”

“It is never good to change a horse at the end of the race because it will be useless to do so. You have an opportunity to go to election and change your horse and prepare it for a new race.”

The PHP Community women wing chair spoke over the weekend ahead of preparation for the election of new corps of community leaders, saying it is the legislature that should be held responsible for everything that is going on.

Looming controversies over Global Witness damming report that indicted Senator Varney Sherman and Speaker Alex Tyler for their alleged involvement into a bribery scheme gave rise to her comments.

Global Witness in a report released sometimes ago alleged a bribery bonanza amongst former and current government officials, Senator Cllr. Varney Sherman (Cape Mt. Co) on behalf of Sable Mining, a British Company, playing a pioneering role.

Speaker Alex Tyler, according to the report, received US$75,000 allegedly disbursed by Senator Sherman by and through his law firm, Sherman and Sherman. The report maintained that US$450,000 of the US$950,000 under probe was allegedly disbursed to other high profile current and former government officials to thwart the procurement laws of the country in favor of a British mining firm, Sable Mining to acquire the Wologisi Mountain in Lofa County.

President Sirleaf set a special presidential taskforce to probe the matter but Cllr. Sherman and Speaker Tyler refused to avail themselves to the taskforce headed by Cllr. Fonati Koffa, newly confirmed minister of state without portfolio.

The taskforce accordingly ran to the court and filed an indictment against Sherman and Tyler and others also named in the report. Lawmakers are unhappy with the actions taken by the president and are said to be mulling possible impeachment against her.

However, Madam Wilson said, “I am not in support of impeaching the President but I want Cllr. Sherman and Speaker Tyler to recuse themselves from their respective positions because they cannot be in office and at the same time go to court.”

“The lawmakers many of whom are indigenous representing the majority bloc in the country should have known better. “Nearly all of them are indigenous in the House. They have the country in total darkness.”

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