LIBERIA: Justice, Defense Ministries Sign MOU On Soldiers’ Arrest

FLASHBACK: AFL Soldier Brutalizing Civilians in West Point
FLASHBACK: AFL Soldier Brutalizing Civilians in West Point

(LINA) – The Ministries of Justice and Defense have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance the Liberian security sector reform process and ensure oversight and accountability with the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and all justice and security institutions.

The MOU was signed to guide procedures for the arrest, investigation and trial of AFL members accused of certain criminal offenses.

Reading the MoU during the signing ceremony at the Ministry of Defense recently in Monrovia, Joseph Fayiah Johnson, acting Minister of Defense, said the Liberia National Police (LNP) will arrest any member of the AFL accused of a crime in an area where the Military Police is not present and when the alleged crime is committed outside a military installation.

He added that the arrangement under the MoU is without prejudice to all disciplinary procedures to which all members of the AFL are subject.

Fayiah said the agreement shall apply to all members of the AFL suspected or accused of any offenses beyond the authority and capability of the AFL’s Disciplinary Board and any criminal offense a member of the AFL commits against a civilian.

He further indicated that a member of the AFL arrested by either the military police or the LNP shall be informed in detail of the reason for his/her arrest, noting that of his/her right to remain silent, the fact that any statement he/she makes could be used against him/her in a court of law and his/her right to counsel of his or her choice and to make self-incriminatory statement.

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