Global Witness Bribery Allegation Overshadows The Mysterious Deaths Of Prominent Liberians

GreavesThe mysterious deaths of prominent Liberians by some unknown persons seems to walloped in the ‘Forgotten pit’ not to be talked about any more as the news of bribery and corruption nowadays in Liberia released by Global Witness exposing prominent Liberians in and out of government has taken the center stage with every media highlighting the issue.

These unfortunate incidents which included both Michael Allison who was considered in the media as whistleblower who unearthed corruption in the national legislature involving its Speaker and one of the legislators, and the most recent, the brutal murder of the former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), Mr. Harry Greaves, the mysterious death of Victoria Zayzay, who was found dead in police cell in 2015 actual facts surrounding their murder are still unknown. Also mysteriously murdered and the killer is yet to be arrested was Fayah Gbollie who on February 6, 2013 at around 11:00 a.m at the Congo town Back Road home was murdered by unknown men at his home

Up to present, the Liberian Government is yet to clearly come out and inform the Liberian people of the mysterious deaths of these prominent Liberian citizens, even though hired pathologists from abroad were ordered to render their professional services regarding the causes of these deaths.

However, Government through its respective legal arm after receiving numerous findings from foreign pathologists which reportedly erased any foul play in the deaths of these Liberians, some Liberians are still pondering over the causes of the deaths of these Liberians.

Now everyone is focusing on the recently released Global Witness report linking high profile Liberians including Chairman of the ruling Unity Party, the Speaker of the Liberian Parliament of bribery and corruption, instead of letting the Liberian people know of the actual causes of these prominent Liberians’ death.

Many Liberians who spoke on the issue, are questioning the Government to come out and tell the world the actual stories about the mysterious deaths of these innocent Liberians.

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