State Department Issues Travel Alert Warns Of Possible Terror Attack On Travelers To Europe

uni1464768159{BNN/WASHINGTON, U.S. – Ahead of the much awaited European Soccer Championship to be hosted in France this summer – the State Department has now issued a travel alert for Americans heading to Europe.

The alert specifies no new threat but has been issued ahead of big events planned in the region during the summer months. The events have a possibility of attracting larger crowds that bring with it the risk of a potential ISIS type terrorist attack.

Reports claimed that with France to host the Euro 2016 and the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day to be held in Krakow, Poland, that is reportedly set to draw a crowd of over 2 million people – the risk of a terror attack looms large, especially after the recent attacks in Paris and Belgium.

The new State Department alert that was posted on the federal agency’s website read, “Euro Cup stadiums, fan zones, and unaffiliated entertainment venues broadcasting the tournaments in France and across Europe represent potential targets for terrorists, as do other large-scale sporting events and public gathering places throughout Europe.”

The official alert also warned U.S. travelers of staying cautious of potential “terrorist attacks” at restaurants and shopping centres amongst other crowded spots.

The travel alert will reportedly expire on August 31.

Experts have claimed that the U.S. has issued similar alerts in the past to its citizens to stay vigilant while travelling abroad and being involved in crowded events.

Even the French President, Francois Hollande claimed that terrorism was the biggest threat to the UEFA EURO 2016.

Reports further noted that France had extended its state of emergency till July 26, after the brutal Paris attacks that shook the country in November last year, leaving 130 people dead. Further, the emergency would cover the soccer championship and the Tour de France.

The U.S. State Department had issued a similar travel alert following the terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium in March this year that had claimed 32 lives.


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