Liberian Senate Security Chair Cautions Against Reversing National Security Gains

Senator Stephen Zargo of Lofa County
Senator Stephen Zargo of Lofa County

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on National Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veteran Affairs, Stephen Zargo, has called on Liberians to conduct the affairs of the nation with caution or risk reversing the gains made in the security sector.

Zargo is recommending a National Security Dialogue where former elements of Liberia’s security sector will interface with current actors of sisterly national security entities to take charge of the nation’s security responsibility amidst the drawdown of the U.N. Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

The Lofa County Senator told journalists at a press conference at the Capitol on Monday that several issues in recent times, including the terrorist attacks in the Mano River region, UNMIL drawdown as well as the Tamaya vessel and allegations of bribery as contained in the Global Witness report, are issues of national security importance that need to be critically addressed.

Zargo emphasized that no one is above the law, and that he is in no way against bringing to justice violators of the law, and that Liberians should frown on and should not support any process that is erratic and has the propensity to steer up tension and threaten public order.

Making specific reference to the Global Witness report, Zargo urged all actors, especially the Executive Branch of Government, to be a little mindful in the handling of the report, particularly with reference to the rule of law and public order.

Zargo opined that Liberia is no exception to the possibility or situation in which terrorists take advantage of public disorder and chaotic situations, adding that, “we should endeavor to provide training, logistics and capacity for the security sector to enable it professionally respond to any situation that has the propensity to threaten the peace.

It can be recalled that U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on May 25 to lift the remaining sanctions on Liberia as a sign of support for the nation’s progress toward peace.

The Security Council, U.N. Secretary General, among others, however stressed that Liberia’s work to improve its security sector is not yet over.



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