U.S. Based New Dimension Of Hope Founder Expresses Frustration Over School Destruction

school2The founder of the New Dimension of Hope, a US based NGO, Mr. Ebenezer Norman has expressed frustration over report that the school, Troyah Town School built by his organization for the children of Liberia was being de-roofed and looted by some unknown persons in the vicinity of the Fendell campus of the University of Liberia.

In a dispatch to this news outlet, Mr. Norman said he received a call recently from the Principal of the schools that the building that hosting dozens of school going kids was been de-roofed and looted by some unknown people, a situation he noted has the propensity to discourage other Liberians who want to help rebuild Liberia.

The School prior to its destruction
The School prior to its destruction

Narrating the disheartening situation, Mr. Norman said he asked the Principal of the school if he had any idea why they had done so, and said the School Principal told him that the town had received a letter from the University of Liberia authorities in collaboration of the government that Troyah Town was within the boundaries of the university property.

Quoting the School Principal in his communication to the GNN via email, Mr. Norman said the demolishing machine had not reached to Troyah Town yet but the town’s people went ahead to save their zinc and belongings before the machine got there to destroy everything. “He lamented that all the zinc, wood from the roof, doors, furniture, books and instructional materials had been looted. and school is to be demolished this week,” Mr. Norman noted.

schoolHe said as a result of this disturbing news he was able to reached out to both Rosanna schaack and Leymah Gbowee for intervention, “Rosanna’s response”

“I went to Troyah Town this morning and to my shock and disbelief, the entire vicinity of Fendell campus up to Troyah Town had been demolished. It is raining now as we are in the rainy season and people were uprooted from their homes putting them at risk of exposure and displacement” she stressed.

“I found other victims of the destruction looking around at what was left along with only two women, residents of Troyah Town that I knew. I went over to the school and took pictures of the building and parts of the demolished town. I came back and spoke with Rachel Massaquoi, Kindergarten Teacher and Ma Miatta, one of the mothers and wife of one of the Elders of the town. The two women told me they themselves were busy trying to save their materials when outsiders came on motorbikes and pickup trucks and looted the school of the zinc (entire roof), doors and all furniture. When they got word that people were at the school, there was nothing left for them to save.

school1As a result of the demolition exercise, many of the victims spent their nights in an abandoned building last night with their children. Teacher Rachel told me that up to yesterday, the children were all excited about their upcoming graduation from Kindergarten that they were practicing for. Now, there is nothing left of their school or their homes,” she told him.

A New Dimension of Hope (NDHope) was founded in 2010 by Mr. Ebenezer Norman, while traveling in and round Monrovia Liberia. During this trip he found that too many children are missing out simply because they do not have access or the opportunity to go to school. Only 18% of children in Monrovia can read and write. Ebenezer grew up in a similar situation, and has a passion to make a difference. His vision is to see less fortunate children around the world have an opportunity to receive an education.

This organization is a nonprofit organization that addresses the issues of poverty and illiteracy as it pertains to less fortunate children around the world. Its mission is to give children in less fortunate countries unlimited opportunities to improve their reading, writing and computer skills through education. Over the years has strives to be a part of transforming the education of millions of children in the most undeserved villages around the world.

On July 21st, 2015, NDHope opened our first school in Troyah Town, Liberia. The school has a staff of 6 teachers and provides education to children from 5 to 9 years old. Students are given school supplies, two meals, and an environment conducive to productive learning at no cost. Currently there are 102 students enrolled with a staff of 6 full time educators. Eventually the school is projected to enroll more than 350 students.

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