Trump, Clinton record sweeping victories in Washington State

uni1464172194{BNN / WASHINGTON, U.S.} – Donald Trump’s sweeping victory in Washington state’s Republican presidential primary has brought him closer to the presidential nomination as he is now said to be merely 10 delegates short.

Trump’s victory in the Washington state primary on May 24 got him at least 40 of Washington’s delegates taking his total delegate count up to 1,229.

Reports pointed out that the number of delegates needs to clinch the GOP nomination is 1,237 and with four more delegates yet to be decided in Washington – Trump’s total is expected to reach even higher.

After the win in Indiana earlier this month – Trump was declared the presumptive Republican nominee for the U.S. Presidential elections and his Washington state victory was obvious as he shared the ballot in the state with three candidates who have already dropped out of the contest.

However, news of massive chaos emerging from Albuquerque, New Mexico overshadowed his victory as clashes between anti-Trump protesters and police outside his rally at the venue quickly gained mileage and generated mixed reactions across social and prime time media

Protests are said to have turned wild and violent after some demonstrators lit fires and vandalised police vehicles and barricades at the convention centre in Albuquerque. So much so that the riot police and police horses tried to restraint the protesters who, according to reports, walked around the city’s streets chanting, “F*** Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic race too proceeded as expected with Hillary Clinton easily defeating Bernie Sanders by winning 54 percent to 46 percent in early returns.

Reports pointed out that the Democrats had decided to allocate their delegates in the March 26 caucuses, where Sanders won all 39 counties. The Vermont Senator even claimed the state by a 3-to-1 margin. Therefore, Sanders will go into the Democratic National Convention with 74 delegates, while Hillary Clinton has 27 and the additional 17 super delegates from Washington.

The Presidential race will now move to California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota.

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