9 year old boy sexually assaulted and strangled in Dubai

uni1463963915{BNN / DUBAI, UAE} – The body of a 9-year old boy who was reported missing on Friday was found by Dubai Police on Sunday.

Obadia, whose family is Jordanian, was last seen around six o’clock near his father’s garage on Friday night in the industrial area of Sharjah.

A major search for the boy extended to the adjacent emirate Dubai on Sunday morning. Dubai Police set up a task force and within two hours had located the boy’s body.

The world-renowned police force also arrested a 48-year old man, a friend of the boy’s father, who admitted he lured the boy from his father’s garage, attempted to sexually assault him and then strangled him because he resisted.

“The forensic doctor found signs that the suspect attempted to sexually assault the boy and strangled him. There were also marks on his body that showed that he tried to struggle against his attacker,” Maj Gen Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, the Chief of Dubai Police said Sunday.

Nidal Eissa Abdullah Abu Ali, 48, also a Jordanian, will now face charges including for murder. He was a prime suspect from the outset of the Dubai Police investigation as he was the last person seen with the boy. He changed his residence on Sunday morning, also raising suspicions.

Ali in police interrogations on Sunday admitted luring the 9-year old away from his father’s garage on Friday night around seven o’clock by offering to buy him a scooter. He took the boy to the Al Marnzar area in Deira, a part of Dubai, in a borrowed car. At Al Marnzar, Ali and Obadia remained in the car while the older man drank alcoholic drinks. He then began molesting the boy and told him to take off his clothes. Obadia refused and screamed. He told Ali he would tell his father what he was doing.

“He tried to keep him quiet by strangling him with both his hand, then he used a Ghutra to strangle him until he died,” Maj Gen Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, the Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs said Sunday.

Ali remained in the car until 5 o’clock on Saturday morning before going home with the boy’s body in the backseat of the car.

At 7 o’clock on Saturday morning he took the car to a deserted area in Al Warqaa near the main road going towards Academic City. There he ditched Obadia’s body and got rid of anything connected with the boy or the deeds he had carried out.

Police confirmed on Sunday Ali has previous convictions for sexual assault of minors. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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