Putin threatens to retaliate against U.S.-NATO defense missile

putin{BNN / MOSCOW, Russia} – President Vladimir Putin has reportedly announced plans to adjust budget allocations in order to nullify “emerging threats” to Russia on May 13.

According to reports, this statement was made in light of an $800 million missile that was turned on by U.S. and NATO on May 13, prompting Russia to claim that the missile was aimed at their security.

Reports added that the defense shield was said to be built in order to shoot down missiles originating from the Middle East and other “rogue nations” that pose a threat to the U.S. and Europe at large.

Further, Putin claimed that the defense umbrella, the second phase of which will be completed in Poland in 2018, is aimed at neutralising Russia’s nuclear arsenal, and added that “this is not a defense system. This is part of U.S. nuclear strategic potential brought onto a periphery [Europe].”

He alleged that the defense site in Romania was “yet another step to rock international security and start a new arms race,” in spite of U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work and other officials claiming in reports that the interceptors would not be used against any Russian nuclear equipment.

In a televised statement, Putin reportedly announced that, due to the installation of the defense shields, “we will be forced to consider putting an end to the threats emerging in relation to Russia’s security.”

Reports state that U.S. President Barack Obama hit back at Putin and said, “We [five Nordic countries] are united in our concern about Russia’s growing aggressive military presence and posture in the Baltic-Nordic region.”

Experts opine that this incident will reportedly prove to be a setback in Russia’s pattern of political and economic intimidation in Europe, backed by its new and improved military system, a smaller echo of its Soviet era ancestor. READ MORE

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