Inside The Tamaya 1: The Mysterious Ship That Creating ‘Serious Security’ Concerns In Liberia

ship1The mysterious discovering of Tamaya 1 on the shore of the coast of Liberia with no crew members on board is still pondering many Liberians who are questioning their security authorities as to what is really happening up to present there has been no concrete response on the matter.

340A8D0C00000578-3584560-image-m-43_1462970806000Liberians are calling on local radio stations calling on the Government to come out and clear the air of this mysterious discovering of the Tamaya 1, expressing fears that this situation should not be linked to any armed groups with the intend to destabilize their peaceful country.

3409F51500000578-3584560-image-a-30_1462965575629Up to present no actual reason has been given regard the appearing of this mysterious ship in the Liberian waters. It was found on the beach of Robertsport in western Liberia, according to report there was no crew and one of two lifeboats on board the abandoned vessel, its last registered position was just south of Dakar, Senegal, on April 22 New reports reveal it was gutted by fire although the cause is unknown

3409BA3F00000578-3584560-image-a-23_1462965187820Inside this mysterious ship there are overturned crates, wires strewn across the floor and charred metal litter the interior of an oil tanker mysteriously washed ashore on a remote beach in previously unseen footage.

The 60 metre-long Panamanian registered Nigerian flagged vessel, Tamaya 1 was found abandoned and stranded on a beach in Liberia earlier this week.

33F155D900000578-0-image-m-16_1462668344068The Liberian Ministry of National Defense this week revealed that the ship had been devastated by fire and that the hatches were opened and contained a mixture of oil and water, but the cause of the blaze remains unknown.

They explained in a statement: ‘During the search on board the vessel, it was discovered that the abandoned vessel is an oil tanker and but so far no information was established regarding the number of crew members as no crew members were found on board,’

‘It was further gathered by the Liberian Coast Guard (LCG) that the vessel was gutted by fire, leaving the bridge (Upper and Control Center) burned along with all documents’.

The released video footage shows the extent of the fire and the damaged interior of the ship.

Meanwhile, the Liberia’s Defense Ministry says it has dispatched Coast Guard personnel to investigate a tanker that washed ashore with no one onboard some 75 kilometers (47 miles) from Monrovia about a week ago.

Defense Minister Brownie Samukai said Tuesday officials are searching the maritime registry to try to determine the owner of the Tamaya 1. He says parts of the ship were burned.

Assistant Defense Minister David Dahn said the ship had been in distress but no passengers were on board when it ran aground. He said one of the ship’s two lifeboats was still onboard, meaning the other may have been used by the crew.

He said the ship is believed to be an oil tanker and flew a Nigerian flag.

Liberia’s 563-kilometer (350-mile) Atlantic Ocean coastline is largely under-patrolled.

PX Credit: Daily Mail

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