Liberian Files Petition To YouTube Copyright, DMCA To Remove Or Block All Videos Of Gruesome Murder Of Pres. Samuel K. Doe

Musa-WillieA Liberian Humanitarian Agent & Social Justice Advocate based in the United States has petitioned the YouTube and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMA) to remove or delete all the gruesome videos of the murder of President Samuel K. Doe.

According to Mr. Musa V. Willie of 160 Saint George Street, Coatesville, PA, said similar petition will also be filed for the 13 men who were executed in the 1980s.

In his petition to the group, Mr. Willie said “My name is Musa Willie, a resident of Coatesville, Pennsylvania USA. I am originally from Liberia, West Africa; I hold a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and I work as social worker for Devereux Foundation; one of the largest Human Services institutions in the United State of America.

Currently, I am actively engage in social justice activism and humanitarian work; I advocate for social change, reconciliation, justice, quality education, peace etc. My goal is to see a society where everyone will live in peace and harmony. Apart from my activism, I run a US based non- profit organization that provides logistics and safe environment for children to learn in Liberia, West Africa.

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention and humbly request that you delete, block the gruesome murder videos of Liberia’s late president Samuel K. Doe. President Doe was murdered on September 9, 1990 by the head and some members of one of the Rebel groups that participated in the Liberian civil war which led to the death of over 250, 00 innocent women and children. Today, the leader of the group, who also physically participated in his killing, is now a member of parliament. The people are more focus on moving forward evident by their decision to elect into office a man who killed Samuel K. Do. Late president Samuel K. Doe families, ethnic members, friends and Liberian at large etc. continue to live with the agony of his death; the accessible visual of his murder could possibly make things worse I am not here to justify the alleged actions that precipitated his death or to seek justice on his behalf; I am greatly concerned about the psychological state of his families, members of his ethnic group and Liberians at large who are gradually beginning to have access to his murder video because technology is now reaching many villages and Towns . The 14 years of civil war in Liberia was fought on ethnic line and late president comes from one largest ethnic groups in Liberia.

Currently, about 40% of Liberians are still living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (  The presence of late President Samuel Doe Videos on YouTube has the propensity to even increase this number considering how fast internet communication is now becoming available to the people. To further support my request, I am pleased to inform you that the country chose a path to reconciliation as a means of moving forward. As such, it will be unjust to have the late president murder videos on You-Tube; this could possibly undermine the peace we all now enjoy I have no special interest in this case; I was a teen when the late president got murdered; I not from his ethnic group. My only interest here is Liberia; I country that is once more moving towards building ethnic, culture and traditional alliances for the common good of the nation.

Just last week, my 9 years old son ran into the same video on my personal computer; I was actually reviewing all the contents and the legal ramifications before I can make this case. My son asked me if the video on my personal computer was about Liberia; I hesitantly told him a different story because I didn’t want to disturb his current love for his country of nativity. Imagine

how many children and adults will express similar shock if they were to come across this video in the remote parts of Liberia In closing, I want to again use this opportunity to respectfully request that you remove or block all videos relating to the gruesome murder of Liberia’s late President Samuel K. Doe

Here is one of the links to the videos:

Title: “The Execution of former Liberian President Samuel K. Doe”

Please feel free to contact me if you would require any further information regarding this petition”, Mr. Willie in his petition concluded.

Responding  to the US based Liberian rights advocate, the group in their letter of reply to Willie’s petition said, “

Thanks for contacting the YouTube Copyright and DMCA compliance team. We will review your request as soon as possible. Please note that general help inquiries won’t be answered here. To expedite our ability to investigate your claim, we encourage you to submit your copyright claim electronically via our webform.

For help with other site-related issues, please visit the YouTube Help Center. If you wish to report abuse or inappropriate content, or would like to make a privacy complaint, please visit our Safety Center. If appropriate, you may submit a complaint regarding other legal issues (including trademark and defamation).

The requirements of DMCA notification, and information about our DMCA policy, can be found here. Please make sure that you’ve provided us with all of the required information in order to process your complaint,” The YouTube Team,” the group replied

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