Chimpanzee Cut Off Hunter’s Arm, Broke His Leg In River Gee

chimReport coming from Tuobo District in River Gee County says a huge Chimpanzee has beating to death a 39 years old hunter who was on his hunting expedition in the district and cutting off one of his arms, and breaking one of his legs with his own gun.

The victim narrating his ordeal at a local hospital to report in Fishtown, said prior to the incident he came across a giant chimpanzee which he said fired with his hunting gun with the hope that the huge animal had died, but to his surprise the chimpanzee woke up angrily took away his gun.

The one arm victim in tears at his hospital bed with wife also in tears further said to his utmost surprise the animal began to flog him with his own single barrel gun and at the same time eating off completely his left arm and using his own gun to break his leg into pieces.

He said after the incident with the animal he struggled his way to town to inform his family and fellow hunters of what happened to him in the forest while on his hunter expedition.

The hunter said immediately group of hunters in the town went on the scene but never saw the animal .

The news of chimpanzees attack on hunters in Liberia has been regular in recent time with one of the incidents prior to the River Gee county story also attacked hunters in Grand Kru and Rive Cess Counties wounding several hunters in these areas who went their respected hunting expeditions.

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