U.S. Navy SEAL killed as ISIS penetrates Kurdish defences

uni1462305028{BNN / TESQOPA, Iraq} – Islamic State militants have reportedly killed a U.S. Navy SEAL in Northern Iraq on May 3.

According to reports, the serviceman was killed in combat when ISIS militants overcame Kurdish resistance near Irbil, Iraq, and penetrated several miles into the area.

Reports added that the death, the third caused by direct combat since the launch of a U.S.-led campaign to ‘degrade and destroy’ the militant group in 2014, was announced by U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter in Stuttgart, Germany.

Further, a defense official reportedly disclosed that the death was caused by small arms fire, likely from an AK-47 rifle.

The serviceman, who is yet unnamed, was reportedly advising Peshmerga forces in the region and was killed near the northern Iraqi town of Tel Asqof (Tesqopa) near the ISIS-held Mosul.

Reports state that the number of casualties within the area is still unknown.

Speaking to reporters ahead of engaging talks about campaigns against ISIS in Europe, Defense Secretary Carter reportedly said that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider-al-Abadi still had a strong political foothold despite rising political unrest in Iraq.

He further urged international communities to “help and support the Iraqi government at this time.”

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