Kenya Sets Tons of Ivory Aflame in Bid to Stop Elephant Poaching

iv{VOA NEWS / NAIROBI, KENYA} — Plumes of smoke filled the air of a muddy Nairobi National Park as Kenya’s President Kenyatta presided Saturday over the burning of 105 tons of elephant ivory and 1.35 tons of rhino horns to send a message to the world that ivory is worth more on an elephant than it is in the market.

The torching of this stockpile made it the largest ivory burn in history.
“The height of the pile of ivory before us marks the strength of our resolve,” said Kenyatta. “Before you, ladies and gentlemen, is the largest haul of ivory and horn ever to be destroyed in this manner. And our reason is crystal clear. No one — and, I repeat, no one — has any business trading in any ivory, for this trade means death. Death to our elephants, and death to our natural heritage.” READ MORE

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