Nigerian Institute of Chartered Managers Honors Liberian Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor

here(Abuja, April 28, 2016:) The Nigerian Institute of Management Consultant has given Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Leadership Management.

TheInstitute of Management Consultants, established in 1983, is the body of professional management consultants approved and registered by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Playing a major role in the advancement of management consultancy, it serves as spokesperson for the consulting industry in Nigeria.

A dispatch from the Embassy of Liberia in Nigeria says Dr. David Le Cornu, Administrator of the St Clements University, British West Indies, reading the degree of honor informed the Liberian Senator that she was being honored for her contribution to the development of women leadership in her country.

According to the degree, the honor was given in recognition of the Bong County Senator’s stellar leadership abilities and having won two successive democratic elections.

The dispatch adds that Senator Taylor was then inducted as a member of the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Managers.

The ceremony held in Abuja late Tuesday evening, April 26, 2016after the Liberian lawmaker delivered a special speech on the topic “The Role of Women in Business, Leadership and Management”.

Addressing an array of educators, academicians and leaders, Senator Taylor in her presentation argued that several leadership traits are predominantly found in women that make them better leaders.

According to the dispatch, she named some of the leadership traits of women as opportunity-driven, strategic, visionary, resourceful, committed, decisive, highly effective, among others, which she said women possess and use at all levels of interactions.

The Bong County Senator however lamented the slow progress the world is making relative to the number of women in leadership.

Based on a 2015 statistics, Senator Taylor revealed that 11 women have served as heads of state the world over, 22% of all national parliamentarians are females, 14.2% of the top leadership positions in the fortune 500 companies are women while 2.5% of the CEO’s in the top 200 companies in Africa are women, among others.

Senator Taylor added that women have the ability to be self-aware and knowone’s strengths and weaknesses, the ability to manage interpersonal relationships, to promote teamwork, harmony and collaboration while limiting conflict and the ability to be aware of other people’s strength and weaknesses, among others.

Speaking further on the ‘multitask ability’ of women, she added: “But truly, women exhibit these traits at a higher level as they juggle family, work and relationships at many levels”.

“Women are crisis managers and turn around experts, sensing and neutralizing any signs of danger well before it shows up. If each of you would just close your eyes just for a second and imagine the woman your mother is or was, you will agree with me that he was the fulcrum of leadership and stability in your family” she stated amidst cheers.

Earlier,Dr. Cornu spoke on the new trends in distant and online learning. He disclosed that campus learning is still ahead of distant and online learning.

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