Ellen Corkrum Makes U-Turn On Presidential Bid

conkrumRecent pronouncement by Madam Ellen Kwame Corkrum, former Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) declaring her intention for the Liberian presidency ahead of the general and presidential elections in 2017 in the United States credible information received by this news outlet revealed that the former LAA boss who is being wanted by the Liberian Government for criminal conspiracy and misapplication of entrusted property has backed off.

All efforts applied by this news outlet contact her via her mobile phone number in our possession proved unsuccessful, as her number could not be reached, however, our New York source has confirmed that the information of Madam Corkrum’s presidency bid has disappeared.

She made her intent for the nation’s presidency early this year when she addressed members of the Liberian community of Staten Island in New York, the United States after accusing the Liberian government of been ‘insensitive’ to the plight of the Liberian people who she claimed are drowning in abject poverty, while officials of the Unity Party led government allegedly plunder the wealth of the people.

Ellen Corkrum a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration, and Candidate of MIT Sloan Fellow inn Innovation and Global Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School in the United States seems to have no interest in the Liberian electoral process any more, according to our a source who hinted.

Observers believed the backed off of the former LAA boss’ presidency bid is due to her fear of being arrested by the Liberia Government upon entering on the soil of Liberia whenever.

Madam Corkrum and partner co-defendant Melvin Johnson were charged in 2013 by the Liberian Government with the crimes of Economic Sabotage, Theft of Property, Criminal Conspiracy and Misapplication of Entrusted Property.

The couples were indicted for allegedly defrauding the Liberian Government of more than US$269,000. They mysteriously escaped the country allegedly with the aide of some Liberian security officials. Before her departure, Madam Corkrum had clandestinely recorded several Liberian government officials unknowingly which is a violation of the Liberian law.

Contrary to her statement to her kinsmen in the US noting, “I want to use this occasion to declare my intention to contest for the 2017 presidency. I will be visiting Liberia shortly,” Madam Corkrum has reportedly changed her mind for the Liberian presidency after telling her fellow compatriots during the gathering.

Some Liberians in the U.S. who are said to be bitter with the Liberian Government have welcomed her quest for the presidency, but wondered as to whether she will be prepared to return home when she is being wanted by the Liberian Government.

Here in Liberia her earlier declaration in the U.S, provoked heated exchanges among Liberians as some of her compatriots accused her of corruption while her supporters said she must be given the chance to contest the presidency.

Although Madam Corkrum did not say specifically when she hopes to visit Liberia, however, it not clear whether the Liberian Government will arrest her if she arrives in the country to make public declaration for the presidency.

Commenting on the issues of her indictment and extradition from the United States, by the Liberian Government, Corkrum said she will not be moved by any threat from the government, adding, “I will return home shortly, and won’t be frightened by any threat from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her government.”

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