Rousseff faces big blow as Brazilian Congressional committee votes for impeachment

uni1460462790{BNN/RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil} – A Congressional committee in Brazil has voted in favour of impeaching President Dilma Rousseff, bringing her closer to a possible ouster. The lower house of Congress voted 38-27 for her impeachment on April 11.

The panel session, which went on for several hours, witnessed verbal battles and even had pro-impeachment leaders holding up signs that said ‘Impeachment Now,’ while those against it shouted ‘Coup, coup, coup.’

The President is said to be facing impeachment over allegations that her administration violated budget laws. Rousseff has been accused of hiding budgetary deficit to win re-election in 2014.

According to news reports from the region, a full lower house will vote on April 17.

Of the 513 members in the Chamber of Deputies, 342 members need to vote for impeachment for it to be sent to the Senate. If the Upper House decides to put Rousseff on trial, she will face a six months suspension and vice-president Michel Temer will take charge as acting President.

The Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, Brazil’s biggest party pulled out support to Rousseff’s governing coalition in March 2016. Rousseff has thus had to secure support from smaller parties to keep the impeachment order at bay. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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