LIBERIA: GVL Increases its workforce by 71 In Grand Kru

GVL-Logo-2Monrovia- Golden Veroleum Liberia has increased its workforce in Grand Kru by 71; benefiting locals from Gbanken community in Grand Kru and one recent graduate from the United Methodist University College of Agriculture in Sinoe to work at its Wedabo estate in Wedabo/GrandCess District in Grand Kru County.

The move by the company fulfills a memorandum of understanding incorporating social agreement signed with the Gbanken community for oil palm development purposes. The newly hired employees will be trained in oil operatives and subsequently grow in the company.

Presenting their employment packages, Victor Kaydor, GVL human resource officer in Grand Kru, welcomed the new batch of Liberian employees into the employ of Golden Veroleum Liberia and urged them to take their jobs seriously.

Victor Kaydor disclosed as the company operation expands and more land is developed, more local citizens will be employed. He added that the company has in its employ over 1,220 Liberians in Grand Kru alone and is committed to increasing this number. With thecontinuing growth of GVL operations in Grand Kru, and the ongoing increasee in employment in the county, the economic livelihoods of the local residents continue to grow through increased business and infrastructure developments in rural communities.

Leroy Kanmoh, communications coordinator at GVL, said that GVL has several vacant engineering positions on its official website to be occupied by qualified Liberians. The move by the company is to include more professional Liberians on its team and subsequently run the company. “We want to encourage qualified and professional Liberians to apply for these positions and work for GVL. They could be some of those running the company in the next few years” said Kanmoh

Golden Veroleum Liberia employs approximately 4,000 Liberians, almost all located in Sinoe and Grand Kru and recruited from the communities there, with a small number located in Monrovia. Liberians lead several departments and functions in the company including administration, human resources, environmental, community affairs, logistics, legal and procurement. GVL targets 35-40,000 employees when it reaches full operational capacity in Liberia.

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