LBA resumes Basketball in Liberia after injunction nullification

barrolle( 14, 2016)-Local Basketball Competition resumed at the weekend after two years of dormancy in that sporting category.

The game was initially placed on hold, following the increase in the Ebola pandemic in the country in 2014.

The game could not resume after the end of the unprecedented health crisis in Liberia, because of disputes amongst basketball Stakeholders in the country.

Basketball Club Owners protested against the Rufus Anderson’s Leadership as they demanded his resignation as president for the resumption of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) League.

The Aggrieved Basketball Stakeholders at the time accused Mr. Anderson of failing to account for funds the LBA received from the Liberian Government and other partners.

Mr. Anderson and team, however, denied the accusation and when ahead with the conduct of elections for new officials of the Association, but the LBA elective Congress failed to take place as the aggrieved stakeholders petitioned the court to place an injunction on the process.

The lasted for several months before it was eventually thrown out due to insufficient evidence to convince the court, thus allowing the local basketball house to hold a “secrete election” in which Mr. Rufus Anderson was re-elected for another four year term.

His re-election furthered angered the aggrieved basketball stakeholders to the effect of pulling their various teams out of basketball activities in the country until other-wise-ordered.

Despite the pull out by several top teams, the Anderson Administration resumed the local basketball league at the weekend with several matches played at the Sports Commission on the Broad Street in Central Monrovia.

Among the weekend fixtures was the returned to action of Mighty Barrolle, the side that lifted the cup during the immediate past season as the Champions began their defense of the title with just six men winning Barnesville Celtics 62 to 60 points, respectively.

Before the Mighty Barrolle/ Barnesville Celtics game, Barnersville Snippers narrowly defeated Island Calves 28-27 points in game one. Star One won without taking to the court, after Destiny Kings failed to honor their fixture. Du Runners went down to Sac Base 50-74 points in game three played Saturday.

Two former Champions, including LPRC Oilers defeated rivals NPA Pythons, were neck-to-neck in Sunday’s only game at the Sports Commission, with the former defeating their rivals, NPA Pythons,    69-59 Points.

The League will continue on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 with three matches. Game one is between Fire and Invincible Invaders, while Harbel Pointers and Heats will fight in game two. Tuesday’s closing fixture is between Champions, Mighty Barrolle, and former champions, LPRC Oilers.

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