Liberians In US Lacks Togetherness As 83-Year Old Liberian Granny Calls For God’s Intervention

choloOur staff who is touring the United States, visiting nineteen of the fifty states in that part of the world has discovered the lack of togetherness among hundreds of Liberians residing in that ‘Land of opportunity’, the United States of America.

According to a survey conducted by our staff, a relatively good number of Liberians are making some significance progress in their day to day activities, especially those venturing into local businesses, such as shopping centers and others lucrative businesses in competition with ordinary Americans.

Visiting twelfth of the most populated Liberian communities in Philadelphia, Maryland, New York, Virginia, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Texas, Los Angeles, Minnesota and California, our staff during these visits was amazed and excited to see a huge number of Liberians, “His Home People” in that part of the world.

During one of these tours in the state of Atlanta, our staff was privileged to have met one of his longtime friends who left Liberia in the early 1980s, and since that time has refused to return home bustling with life daily in his two-bed room apartment.

“My brother, America is a land of opportunities, once you are prepared to follow the rules of engagements, you will definitely have that opportunity you have long been yearning for. But remember, every penny made here my brother goes directly towards bill payments. It is not easy here to be in America,” Emmanuel Chie explaining his ordeal in the US told his best friend during the chat.

Explain his reason why he has not visited Liberia after nearly thirty-five years in the United States, Mr. Chie said many Liberians like him who have been in the US for dozens of years and declined to return to their home country is due to countless number of reasons, stressing, “Like me, I have been here for over thirty-five years working hard for living, and paying bills, what can I take home? When in fact every cent made here remains,” Chie remorsefully for not visiting his home country in a chat justified.

Visiting the state of Texas to see for himself how Liberians in that part of the US are coping, our staff was also opportune to speak with some Liberians in an exclusive interview on what they think about the political atmosphere in their Country with the pending 2017 general and presidential elections in their country, and what can they do in contributing to the growth and development of their beloved country, Liberia.

“We are confused regarding the news coming out of our Country; the alleged mismanagement of our Country resources, and the mysterious deaths of prominent individuals, it is scaring. I can’t promise anyone of coming back home with these kinds of discouraging information we are getting,” Emmalyn Daniels Davies, a Liberian who runs a local shopping center in Houston in a chat with our staff voiced out.

She also complained about the lack of togetherness amongst Liberians in the US, especially in the state of Texas, she said some Liberians have notably refused to recognize each other’s as Liberians, stressing, “Liberians in this part of the US are envious of each other success. We do not patronize each other’s businesses with the exception of the Mandingoes who are always available to patronize their kinsmen (The Mandingoes), but not the ordinary Liberians,” Madam Davies speaking of life in the Americas said.

In the borough of Staten Island, New York where countless Liberians are residing, it was observed that many of the youthful Liberian population who won the Diversity Visa (DV) are also doing all they can to maintain the opportunity received, why others are misusing the benefits granted them by the US Government by roaming the streets of New York along with those being considered as gangsters.

During a visit at one of the local churches in the state of Boston, it was a blessed day to have come across a huge number of Liberians residing in that state, with some of them expressing excitement for seeing one of the their fellow compatriot visiting their Church.

In a chat with one of the members of the church, only identified as Deaconess Annie Johnson Paul in her expressive welcome statement said, “My son we are happy to receive you from Liberia, you are once again welcome to visit our church. We’re praying for all of you and the Government,” Deaconess Paul in her friendly gesture said.

Deaconess Paul’s friendly approach drew me closer to her to quickly plan a quick interview as to when she hope to return to her home country, Liberia after nearly forty-two years in the United States, she began like this: “This is my forty second year in the US, I came here in 1972 with my husband who predeceased me nine years ago as a result of car accident. I am blessed with seven children, eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I happily lived here with my children,” she boastfully told our staff.

On the current state of Liberia where corruption is eating up the fabric of the society, Deaconess Paul blamed the current situation in her country on the weakness of the leadership to take action on those who she said continue to bring Liberia down from its pride, stressing, “You see I am over eighty-three years old, and saw several governments and presidents. But what is happening nowadays in Liberia requires God’s intervention. Liberians are turning their backs from God, this is dangerous for the truth existence of Liberia and its people,” Deacon Paul speaking on the state of Liberia warned.

Concluding, ‘Grandma Annie’ as she is affectionately call by many in her church and neighborhood called on Liberians to be law abiding and respect constituted authority, noting, “Liberians should be God fearing people, and do away with those vices that will divide the Country,” quoting the Holy Bible, “Roman 8 verse 28 that all things work together for good to those who love God, who; or that in all things God works together with those who love him to bring about what is good—with those who,” Deaconess Paul in her elderly advice said.


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