Internet Space Satellite Partnership Vasili Group & Liberia

66B74278-4120-49A3-8E20-681694DF9D5E_w640_r1_sVASSILI GROUP LTD is based in the Republic of Cyprus (EU) and holds the latest and fastest Ka-Band Internet Space Satellite Technology in the world

Till present times internet satellite communications is brought to us by S-band, which we operate our mobile/cell phones, satellite TV, internet/broad bands and the internet services used by airlines, shipping companies, military and other internet service users.

The difference between present internet S-band and the Vassili Group Ltd Ka-band can only be compared to a race between a bicycle being the S-band and a F1 car being the Ka-band.

The Ka-bank is not only hundreds of times faster but it is also much cheaper and far more profitable.

The director of the Vassili Group Ltd, Lord, Chrysostomos Vassili will be proposing the partnership between the Vassili Group Ltd and the Republic of Liberia and will be further offering private sector investment opportunities to be part of this exciting Ka-band internet space satellite technology, providing a golden opportunity for Liberians to become global leaders in the latest internet technology

The Vassili Group Ltd has nine space satellite projects ‘’ELEFTHERIA’’ (From the Greek, meaning Liberty & Freedom), ELEFTHERIA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7. 8. 9


The Ka-band Space Satellites will take up to 30 months to engineer and manufacture and thereafter will be launched into space.

The ELEFTHERIA project has attracted much interest from many African countries who wish to control the African continent and global internet markets and a race to strike the deal with the Vassili Group Ltd has already commenced.

Each satellite has the potential to create annual revenues in excess of USD$30 billion per satellite, revenue that will greatly increase the GDP of any African country, which is why the race is now on, to see who will strike the deal first with the Vassili Group Ltd.

It is recognised by governments that the Ka-band ELEFTHERIA Internet Space Satellites will create global stable annual revenue which will transform the entire communication infrastructure and economy of a nation and the same is realised by private investment sector who many are rushing to partner amongst other private investors so as to enter into partnership with the Vassili Group Ltd so that the ELEFTHERIA Ka-band Space Satellites are controlled by the private sector.

Investors are aware that this proposal of Partnership will mean that they will control and benefit from the internet services revenue throughout the African continent as well as globally in all sectors on internet service.

The Vassili Group Ltd plans to visit Liberia sometime in April/May to enter into talks with the Liberian Government and to also meet with the vast expression of interest from the private sector.
It is highly possible that we may see Liberia as the global leader in Ka-band Internet services.
Report: Dr. John Taylor  




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