Liberians In U.S. Victimized By ‘419’ Shipping Lines

lib3Report gathered by this news outlet in the United States revealed that several Liberians have been made victims by some of their fellow compatriots under the pretense that they have shipping lines to carry their items or any belongings to their homeland, Liberia with cost attached.

Several of the ‘419’ victims who spoke to our staff in in some of the states visited said they have been grieving over the attitude of some purported operatives of shipping lines who have taken their properties intended for their relatives back home and are yet to deliver them.

One of the victims in tears speaking to our reporter in the state of New Jersey over her misfortune said since six months ago she gave two vehicles to one of the alleged ‘419’ containers carriers to deliver them to her sister in Liberia with over $4,000.00 paid as fees for the shipment, up to date her items have not been delivered.

Another victims who spoke to us said he has filed a lawsuit against one of the shipping lines for its deliberate refusal to deliver his goods including furniture and eight barrels containing foodstuffs that cannot be accounted for nearly two months, “I have filed a legal notice to my legal team against this shipping lines for the refund of US2,000 I paid to them last October for the sending of my things to Liberia,” Thomas Sawyer of Philadelphia in a rather sad state of mind said.

This is how many Liberians in the United States who want to ship their goods to their families back home, loading whatever they have worked for over the years or purchased to be sent to their relatives disappeared in a thin eye plus whatever is been paid as fees for the shipment.

The United States is the world’s second largest exporter of containerized cargo (after China), while West Africa is the 11th largest importer, according to the World Shipping Council. New York City is home to a West African-born population of about 66,000, many of whom take advantage of the African-run shipping businesses in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

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