“I Rather Have Jesus, Than Silver and Gold” – Rev. Land Urges Christians

The head pastor of the First United Christian Church (FUCC) in the State of New York, the United States has urged Christians everywhere to choose Jesus rather than riches, noting, “I rather have Jesus than Silver and Gold,” Rev. Lloyd Land in his Sunday sermon today told his congregation.

Rev. Land decried Christians who he said find pleasure of not contributing to the work of God, stressing, “Silver and Gold cannot supersede the glory and work of God”, the FUCC told his congregation.

The FUCC which was established in 1989 is dominated by Liberians in the District of Staten Island, New York and is located on the Victory Boulevard, with Rev. Belinda D. Curtis serving as Assistant Pastor.

Preaching further, Rev. Land said God’s believers who always contributors to his glory and his work will never fall short, neither drown in any situation including poverty, noting, “Your destination as true Christians will never encounter any situation that cannot be overcome,” he told his congregation.

He expressed disgust to those members of the FUCC who he said do not contribute to the work of God, despite of the huge job opportunities being made available to them through his mercy and grace, noting, “Those who do not find pleasure in given to the work of God will always encounter unbearable problems, “Your daily survival is in his hands and not man, why can’t you contribute to his work?” he asked the congregation.

Rev. Land also used today’s sermon to admonish the followers of Jesus Christ not to be lovers of silver and gold, but rather look up to their creator (God) who he said provides all their daily needs including jobs in the face of any difficulties.

He noted that the work which is currently been under taken on the church successfully isis because God is in control and his blessings is been poured, and further called on those members who he said have refused to pay their offering and tithes to stop.

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